All you supporting war in Iraq do you know that you are supportin a crime?

All this war was to capture Saddam and replace the sunnie gover-t by shiites. Yea you are happy Saddam is dead. ask those 3000 soldiers that died there. Did they want to die for that animal in order to give power to the other animals that are no better than Saddam? Dio you think you are smart?


Maybe this war will bring prosperity or good to the USA i don't know but I am sure one cannot get good with war unless it is called a crime

Update 2:

the only war that can be justified is that when enemy enters (or intend to) your country with aim to kill your people. Iraq posed no threat to the USA. Even if did the USA has enough weapons to wipe Iraq off the earth without even invading it and loosing so many soldiers

Update 3:

You are supporting Bush and his government. I do not know how about you but Bush is not my country and my ppl. My pppl are those soldiers who die every day

Update 4:

You are wrong I am american

As for the poors and homeless in the USA Yea you absolutely right about that. I am poor very poor I even could not get education because had no money. Thanks for reminding me about that

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    Smarter than you with your head stuck in the sand.

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    1 decade ago

    thats kind of like saying supporting the police is a crime.

    the police arrest people that havent attacked them, or committed a crime against the police force. but by your terms, theyre committing a crime anyways, by intervening.

    even though we havent always made the best decisions, we still do need some kind of world police. no one wants to get involved with situations over there, or stuff happening in africa, but none of it will stop either until someone does something about it.

    and, youre right about having enough weapons to wipe iraq off the map, we have enough to destroy the world multiple times. but if we start using weapons of mass destruction, what is that going to say to other countries? if the US can use them, why cant we?

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    So let me get this straight we should just let a mad man take over country after country terrorizing millions of ppl until what we are the only country left? No body wants war but we cannot allow any one person to control the world.

  • 1 decade ago

    Actually we are supporting our people and our country. Just because some don't like it doesn't mean supporting it is wrong. Bad or good we should still support what our country does and work to fix it when the opportunity arises. It sucks I know but that's politics for ya.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think you are from India, if you don't like what our country does, then stay away from here. Why do all the people from other countries still want to come here if they can't stand our government. Those that don't come here, beg us for money and food supplies all the time. Same with them, if they don't like what we do, then stop your begging. We have our homeless and hungry here as well.

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    this war was about OIL ....and i'm not supporting the war or the people who started it...i just feel really sad for the innocent Iraq people and children that got killed for no damn reason, and i feel so bad for our soldiers and the sacrifices they made..god! i hate Bush

  • 1 decade ago

    exactly your are right bush is just the same as saddam

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    Do you really think that this is about Saddam? If so, you're being very naive. Think Iran kiddo.

  • 1 decade ago

    it was a criminal act yes its the illegal invasion of a country!

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