Is this the downfall of Xbox and PlayStation and the reappearence of Nintendo?

I believe the Xbox 360 plain sucks compared to the PS3 and the Wii. The PS3 does have one motion sensor, but it's just that, nothing really original. Now, the Wii has a two-piece controller, both with motion sensors, which is what the conrold revolve around! Tottally new.

Also, here are prices:

Xbox 360 Premium: $400

Xbox 360: $300

PlayStation 3: $600

Wii: $250

Put that in your mouth and chew it twice.

My awnser for my question is that Nintendo will dominate the market. PlayStation will be in the dump, with no reason to pay a huge $600 for the system. To top it, Xbox won't do so well either, but will do rather good thanks to it's early profits and the highly anticipated Halo 3.

So, my question is for you all to make a prediction. How do you think the gaming industry is going to come down?

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    Well you already answered your own question lol.

    My opinion is that Nintendo will not dominate unless it actually trys to. Needs MORE GAMES!! and more use of the wi-fi ability (not used for multiplayer games yet but needs to very quickly).

    Playstation will loose most of their money because of their expensive system. And they just keep loosing money because their system costs more than it sells for. Playstation will go bankrupt or largely cut their system creating and work just on games. As for Xbox 360... it is doing GREAT!!! Good grafics, good games, but not enough games and accessories can be too expencive. Also it is not a good idea at this time with all other sytems being free to have a pay-to-play xbox live gold (while their free version is very slimmed down).

    So I say Xbox has the best chance but Nintendo has room for improvement and a very good price to get more gamers in. Then finaly, playstation will stay up with having a lot of games but its system is not doing as well as they need it to.

    Final judgement: Nintendo will take a lead in how to control games and internet capabilities.

    XBOX 360 will be very close with great grafics and good games but that none-free xbox live gold holds it down.

    Playstation ditches PS3 and continues to make games for both PS2 and PS3 but PS3 will die out without enough attention.

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    4 years ago

    I own the two a PS3 and an XBox 360 Elite, and to be common I savor em the two.inspite of the actual shown fact that i've got in no way performed a Wii Im optimistic it incredibly is exceptionally relaxing.usual I desire the psthree with the aid of fact the I savor the way the gadget works and performs, and a few of my well known video games are PS3 exclusives.yet nonetheless love the XBox 360, and want sometime to possess a Nintendo Wii. :)

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    I think for gamers, the Xbox360 will be choice. Pretty much the same grafix as a PS3 but with a better pricetag. Plus they had a year headstart on getting people into next gen, so they have the advantage there.

    Wii's will be very popular because of it being a "family" console at a price that a family can afford.

    Don't get me wrong I was looking forward to the PS3 but like many people was very disappointed. So I saved some money by buying a 360.

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    I think the Xbox 360 will do better then the ps3 because i came out before the ps3 and is way easier to get. But the Wii is cool because its origanal and i think that will do really good to. I couldent even find the ps3 were i live.

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    I think Playstation is on its way out. It was presumptuous to assume people would pay 600 for a gaming system. My husband is a die-hard PS2 fan, but he and several other people I know won't buy it because there aren't enough good games for it and it won't even support some of the old games.

    X-box owners kind of remind me of Mac users. They're not as popular, but among the people who have them, they'll swear it's the only way to go.

    I like the Wii. :-) It's cute.

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    well i went to target the other day and they had 6 ps3s and they said they are totally out with wiis and there on the shelfes for 2 seconds before they're bought


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