Do onions, garlic, and ginger go together?

I am trying to perfect a stir fry. I use brown rice, topped with mixed veggies and cubed tofu. I am unsure about the spices. I usually use sesame oil/olive oil with onions and garlic. I think it still needs more. Can I add ginger to this? Also, how do you buy and prepare fresh ginger?


Where can I buy a grater for the ginger?

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    Yes! I believe so (even though it is only a matter of personal preference)

    cooking with ginger unlike any other flavor, is unlimited in its culinary uses. From the fieriest of stir-fries to the sweetest of ice creams, ginger has the ability to cross over from savory to sweet. Rather than tinker with tried-and-true Asian recipes, seek other culinary marriages for ginger. Experiment with a small amount of fresh, pickled or candied ginger in a recipe. Remember that a little ginger goes a long way. As you go, increase the amount of ginger to suit your personal tastes. Add ginger to soups, stocks, salads, vegetables, marinades, sauces and desserts.

    There are other spices you can use, such as turmeric which goes great!

    Also try sea salt, it will add the zesty taste (if you'd like that)


    As for buying ginger, try tescos or M&S; if you don't have one around try shopping online. Remember When shopping for fresh ginger, look for pieces with a plump, smooth, somewhat shiny skin. If its wrinkled or cracked, the ginger is drying and past its prime. Never substitute dried ground ginger for fresh. It simply doesn’t taste the same.

    When you go to cook with ginger, peel only the skin of this knobby-looking rhizome (an under-ground stem). Use either a vegetable peeler or sharp knife. Depending upon your recipe, fresh ginger may be sliced, diced, minced, grated, shredded or juiced.

    I hope I helped, and I hope I was your best answer! Happy New years!

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    Yes, its a classic combo in Oriental recipes I believe. You just peel the ginger and julliene or dice it up, try using Ginger that is not tough or stringy. You just add it into the oil just like the garlic and onion and at about the same time. Also, if you want just ginger flavor and not the chewiness you can squeeze the liquid out of minced or grated ginger and add it like you would soy sauce to the dish while it is cooking. Don't be hesitant to use ginger it is a wonderful root. Has flavor and medicinal properties.

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    Go the pears, which together, I to try, with agitate garlic and the ginger to mix roasted in the tub. I used noodles with exceeded expectation. Comfortably excluded with Tofu, not really, almond flavour dessert. Prefer beans. Do not like you Indian oils, No.. I like the peanut or corn or the olive. Use the freshness gingerroot, and cilantro, also. Like sambal olek a sauce of the island of Indonesia.

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    Yes! You might have to experiment with ratios, but they go SO well together.

    Most of the ginger in the root form you buy from the market is mature, as compared to young/green ginger. You basically peel it, cut into 1/4 inch slices, and throw into the food processor. It's a bit annoying because of the stringiness. :-/ I think some people cut into thin matchsticks instead of processing (not an easy feat, in my opinion). Or you could grate with a specialty grater (see source).

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    Onions, garlic and ginger go together wonderfully, especially in Indian food. You get the best flavours if you crush the ginger or make a paste of it. That goes for garlic too.

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    Had stir fry tonight with onions garlic and fresh chopped ginger. Was delicious with Kung pow sauce and chicken. Buy a really gnarly ginger root, cut off a hunk peal it with a sharp knife and chop. Ginger tea is great too, just chop boil in water, strain, add bee barf and enjoy (Especially when you have a cold).

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    Ginger goes w/ everything, as does garlic. Sounds good to me!

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    peel fresh ginger and grate it in equal amount to garlic, add the green onions too yummy...

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    well, we used the three ingredients in one of our dishes called "paksiw" but we added vinegar and the fish.

    fresh ginger is available in the produce section, you can buy it per pound. that is also good for fresh tea. you can slice it or you can pound on it to more potent effect. it does smell good and its good for you.

    with what you are making, its my first, im not sure..tofu is great with eggplant but you need to fry it first to hold its form. but usually they added soy sauce and some sweet taste to it.

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    In the superstore, fruits are usually selected far too soon. Some are rocks, many are bitter. Some of the fruit and vegetables are right (zucchini, onions, garlic, lettuce, greens, and a few others) so I'd have to go with vegetables.

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