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where can i downlad windows xp OS for free?

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    there are plenty of torrents out there but make sure when you download it you get the corporate edition of it because corporate editions dont need activation or serial keys theres a program called ytorrent or utorrent or sumthing you download it install it and do a search using its search box and find a corporate edition of it y or u torrent is heaps better than limewire at downloading programs because you get to choose what you want to download out of that program try and make sure when you download the torrent that it has a file that will tell you the code for that copy of windows because during the installation of windows it asks you to type in the 25 digit licence key but once youve typed that in correctly during the installation you dont have to register your copy of windows

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    You can find the file floating around many torrent sites. Keep in mind you have to have your own key to install windows anyway.

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    Have you tried a peer2peer software like Morpheus or Kazaa?

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