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was it right for usc to....?

ask reggie bush to not show up at the rose bowl? apparently, he called his alma mater to get tickets but turns out they asked him to not come. and bcs rules say only five sideline passes....which were already given out to marcus allen, ronnie lott, charlies white, matt leinart, and john papadakis (usc analyst) he couldn't get any at all....UNBIASED opinion please...

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    maybe USC knows something about the ongoing investigation of Reggie Bush receiving improper benefits while at USC????

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    usc never asked bush not to attend the rose bowl. usc was allowed to give away 5 vip tickets. reggie bush didnt get any. thats what happened. if usc decided not to give it to bush its their decision. my guess is that usc still upset with what happened with bushs family.

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    reggie bush controversy is causing USC to not want to associate themselves with him anymore and oh well thats life. its like your best friend moving and not talking to you anymore even though they say you will always be friends.

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    i haven't heard that, but no, i don't think it's right. . . Reggie was a big part of USC's success, and i'm not a Trojan fan at all, but no. . it was wrong.

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    thats not what happened he just didnt get a vip pass they never told him not to go to the game

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    If what you are saying is true then i think it is wrong, he was the most exciting player the school has ever had.

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    Doesn't seem right to me, must be a limit as to how many people they can accomodate.

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