Who is Jesus's actual father?

If bible is true,Mary got pregnant before she came in contact with Joseph. Jesus father could not be God as he does not exist. Then who is Jesus's father if God and Joseph is not his father?

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    Well - if you're asking my reasonable academic theologian self it would be St. Joseph because all the evidence points to him. Otherwise, it could have been that Mary was raped by a Roman soldier (which apparently was common in those days) and to save her from the legally mandated death penalty, Joseph said it was his.

    If you're asking the Orthodox Christian in me - it is of course God the Father - how does that work? It's a mystery and that's why I love being a Christian - it's a huge mystery - I don't know all the answers and I'm ok with that!

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    Mary was a virgin and it was by the Holy Spirit of God that she conceived Jesus. She was not impregnated by man (normal means). Jesus is the son of the living God. He was both fully human and fully God.

    Joseph married Mary, and in a sense was Jesus' foster father, or care giver on earth.

    God and Jesus, both true Father and Son, were one in the same God. there are 3 persons within one God - God the Father (creator), God the son (redeemer), God the Holy Spirit.

    Yes I believe the bible is true, no matter how many people get on here and slam it. I have yet to find any reasons to disbelieve it, as i"ve read it and been able to apply it to what I see and observe around me, and find out the stories within the bible are most likely real events, not "symbolic tales'. I've already read and seen enough evidence to be fully convinced of the bible's authenticity.

    It has survived for over 2000 years, regardless of those who continue to mock it and try and claim it as being a work of fiction. If only it were so in their eyes, maybe then Hell would also be fiction.

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    God who is Jesus' father (Jesus was conceived in the virgin Mary's womb) ~ God sent Jesus to earth to serve as a savior for us, that whoever believes in him (Jesus) and believes that he (Jesus) died on the cross for our sins will live forever. However, we must be "born again" in order to receive this sacrament of life and ask forgiveness of our sins in order to be saved.

    Mary was conceived by the Holy Spirit under supernatural means. God is the Father of Jesus. Mary was impregnated by the Holy Spirit (God) before she came into contact with Joseph and was a virgin at conception. Jesus' father is God, who does exist.

    You are searching for an answer, and that is proof that God is working in your life. The Bible is true and is a love letter to his people. There is much truth and wisdom to be found in the Bible and it is and will always be "The Greatest Book" ever written.

    I will pray that you that you will find God in your life and accept Jesus as your savior. He loves you so much (even though you do not) and he knows you so well and knew you before you were born. You will find peace in his love ~ Please accept him in your life.

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    Let me get this straight, you accept the Bible's record that Mary got pregnant before she had sex with Joseph, but reject its account of who the Father is. You can't have it both ways just to create some sort of debate. I accept the Bible's answer on both questions. God the Father is His Father and He was conceived throught the power of the Holy Ghost.

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    God does exist and God caused Mary to concieve by the spirit and the Word of God was made Flesh thorugh the birth of Jesus Christ and his sacrafice at the cross. God is the Father and Joseph is his earthly father.

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    The Bible is true! Jehovah God in the heavens is Jesus Father by transferring the life of His perfect son in heaven to the womb of Mary.

    Source(s): God's Word; the Bible (Matthew 1:18 - 25)
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    Old script describes MAry heading to another village with a friend on a visit and she arrives back pregnant. But of course, it's God.

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    According to some historical account by Talmudic Tradition in Avodah Zahrah, Jesus's father is probably Panthera, a Jewish man who use to serve in the Roman Army.

    Eventhough this is totally against my faith as i believe Jesus is born of a virgin conceived by Arcangel gabriel,

    still that answer above is the one that you are seeking for.

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    So "if" the bible is true then God does exist. So Jesus's father would be God.

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    God the Father is the Father of our LORD Y'shua (Jesus). Miriam (Mary) was overshadowed by the Holy Ghost - the "divine sperm" was deposited into her womb, not by sexual intercourse, but by God's power.

    Before Y'shua was born, he existed for all eternity - he is the Word of God (the same word that God spoke IN THE BEGINNING) - and the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us. The Word was MADE flesh (human) by the awesome power of God.

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