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Any Bears fans pushing the panic button ?........I sure am !!!?

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    I would be also, because teams that have opportunistic defenses and special teams, and quarterbacks playing as inconsistent as Rex Grossman, end up having these hiccups. Riding on the coat tails of your defense/special teams for more than half the year could end up costing them another super bowl win. Hopefully they had the hiccup early on where it won't cost them anything in the postseason, but then again, maybe they just weren't taking the game too seriously since it really meant nothing to either team. But if that was true, why were all of the defensive starters playing then??? Only time will tell, hope your team does well.

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    I bleed Orange and Blue. But I'm not buying my Super Bowl t-shirt just yet. The Bears found a way to win, in spite of themselves.

    I am still miffed why Lovey is so hot on Rex.

    Kyle Orton leads the Bears to 10 wins as a rookie, then becomes invisible this year.

    I figure that they will play the Seahawks (sorry Dallas) - and if they get past that game - they may have a chance against the Eagles.

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    The Cubs between the appropriate communities in baseball good now. in no way lost better than 2 in a row at abode all 365 days. They lose 5 right now and all of the Cub followers are pushing the panic button. this is the appropriate to work out. they could would desire to lose 0.5 of the video games that are left to not make the playoffs, yet each and every of the Cub followers shop pushing that panic button. flow White Sox.

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    I don't see the Bears in the superbowl. They Lost to the Pack and just Barely beat some of the worst teams in the NFL, like the Cardinals, Lions, the Bucs and the Vikings.

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    I about to but I think that this game was an example of what NOT to do at the game in 2 weeks. Know that the lose is out of there system they can focus on winning.

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    not panicking yet, but it sure would be nice to get a few guys healthy eh? i know Tommy wont be back, but at least lets get Tillman going again, and I hate to say it, but it's time to replace Mike Brown... how many years in a row is it now he hasnt stayed healthy?

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    ok people, calm down a little, you can't tell me you watched that game and thought the bears tried. seriously i watched the entire game and it was like they handed it to the packers. come on, it's called respect, the bears are already in the playoffs and have a bye, and the packers weren't getting in, why would the bears risk hurting anyone when they have a superbowl to worry about (well, and the playoffs first) plus anyone watching knows that it was favres last game, and sometimes you gotta send someone out right, favre was one of the greats, and he deserved to go out on a high note. don't worry bears fans, it was what it was, but it wasn't what they are.

    Source(s): not a bears fan by they way (i don't hate them or anything, just making an observation) oh fuck you guys and your thumbs down, be realistic and watch the damn game!
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    offense is horrible for the bears, but i still believe there defense will come through for them. if they play philly then they will lose. it will be the saints in the super bowl.

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    i see Chicago in the Super Bowl. I honestly do. and they will win, if they don't play the Colts.

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    rex grossman...2/12, 33 yds, 0 TD, 3 INT......0 rating...

    brian griese a little better...but 2 INT...

    i thought they were gonna put in kyle orton next....

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