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fimrware versions?

i am looking for the the run command that will allow me to see what firmware versions i am running on my computer, can anyone tell me what it is?

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    If it's Windows, I don't think it will tell you. If it's firmware of the CD drive, it will be in the Properties in Device Manager. For the System Board, you will have to press a key or key sequence at bootup (before the Windows splash screen) to see the Setup. In Setup, you may find what you're looking for? Not sure what you're looking for....

    Good Luck!

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    Ver. is not the command you want, it only gives the SOFTWARE ver. There is no command in windows to give you firmware versions unless it is vendor-specific. The only way to get the firmware ver of, example..your bios, is on boot up. and don't go into regedit unless you know what you are doing in there....

    One change in there could cause you serious heartache.

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    if you have windows xp, then go to run then type > regedit

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    type 'ver' at the prompt

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