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Do you have any info on welfare?????

Does anyone know how to get welfare? How long does it take? Who qualify?? I know its not a good thing but I need to get away from my family. They are driving me insane. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!


Actually it is what I want hencing that no one will give me a chance. So I have no other choice ok. Thank you

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    lazy loser... get a job

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    Welfare is not going to give you money to get away from your family. If you're currently living with your family, their income will be counted and you won't qualify.

    Get a second job if you need to, save up for first and last month's rent, find a place and move out.

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    I dont think that WELFARE is what you want! If your family is driving you crazy then get out and get a JOB!

    People always run to welfare and then dont do anything but sit on there butts. that is so not what its for! People so abuse this government funded project! So not fair to people who really do need it!

    GET A JOB!!!!!!

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    I listed a website below that should be able to help you out. It gives you listings of the departments of public health for your state. Click on the public health and/or social services for your state and it should help you out.

    Every person that I have talked to says that it takes quite a while to get welfare of any kind so be prepared to wait. Remember, you are dealing with the state and federal government when it comes to this and they are very slow.

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    If you have children you can get help but its only for 5years for 2 kids it is food stamps .but do not go to welfare get a job and .what ever is happening with your family . you need to get a job welfare is the worse way to go

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    Stay off it...

    Get a job. DO SOMETHING.

    I haven't worked a steady job in 4 years and will never lower myself to be on aid.

    By the way, How can you afford to be on the internet asking such a question?

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    The best way is to go and check into a homeless shelter and claim you have nowhere to go. That will put you at the top of the list for subsidized Section 8 housing, and get you the most you can get as quick as possible.

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    Go to the local health department they can tell you about some of it and tell you where to go for the rest of it. It can take a while though try getting a job and doing it on your own while you wait for welfare good luck

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    get a job then you don't have to worry about welfare

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    Why would tax payers want to support you and on top of that give you the answers on how to live off of us?

    Get a job!!!!!!

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    why dont you get a job its alot easier... they are just going to make you work for your welfare !!!

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