Itunes will not download! What else can I do to put music on ipod?

I have tried so many times to download and install itunes to my computer but it keeps stopping on the last couple bars of the installation. I am so frustrated! How can I put music on my ipod other than itunes?

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    download songs from somewhere else, try going to: then download the program and begin downloading songs!!

    Source(s): p.s. don't trust limewire, so many people use it that it is filled with viruses, same with some other programs many people use
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    DUDE! did you read what it said? Some specific descriptions maybe? Screenshot pictures?

    Apple programs dont usually fail. Ever.

    How about why does it stop at the couple of bars. You need a more detailed description when it comes to a situation like this. I have never seen an apple program just suddenly stop.

    Since you downloaded the Full installation file, everything should be complete and in order (assuming you know which part is called the installation).

    To answer the question, there is no possible way to put in music without Itunes. That is how corporations like Apple monopolize the tech industry.

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    Unfortunately there is no way to get music on an iPod without using iTunes. This is yet another reason why I will never own an iPod. You have got to either get iTunes properly installed on your system (and subsequently let it take over all your media files) or return it and get something that doesn't require an operating system on your PC in order to work.

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    you really can't but with the installation, make sure you have quicktime on your computer also, itunes can't work without that.

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    1 decade ago

    You can use Rhapsody (the Real Media Player), I've already done it, so I know it works!

    You can also use Windows Media Player, and it makes it very easy too!

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    add music on your computer!~

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    sorry dunno

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