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how did ancient rome and ancient greece have an influence on todays society?

im doing a essay on how ancient rome and greece had an influence on todays society i have three topics sports, wars, and religion i need to know how ancient rome and greece sports,religion,and wars has had an influence on todays sports, wars, and religion

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    About wars, I don't believe they had any influence at all. Religion, only what we have in the writings of that time. Nobody believes in those gods anymore.

    Sports, the Olympic games from Greece. They still exist.

    You have a bunch of not practical topics. Can you use the languages, literature, sciences ? Those have remained to our days.

    Mathematics. Thee were many great mathematicians in Greece who discovered principles still used nowadays. Astronomy, some calculated the diameter of the Earth with a margin error of only 80 km.

    Medicine, not much, but they set the foundations for modern Medicine.

    Language, from Latin come several modern languages. Besides, both Greek and Latin were very common in the Renaissance among scientists

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    Ancient Rome and Greece had many different influences in todays society. The Greeks developed the first Senate based platform which influenced the government. If you wanted to tie in religion and war you could focus on the fact that the Romans began wars over religion (Crusades), which still technically continues today. Some argue that our war in the Middle East is not only over politics, but we are fighting against the Muslims over religious purposes because of our ties with Israel and our interference which led up to the Six Days War. Fot Philosophy, all the Ancient Philosphers devel;oped in those areas which influnce our people today. Aristotle taught and wrote many things on the necessity of morality. If you would like any info on this stuff I can send you some papers you can look over but they are all stored in my documents and not on any website. This may give you a start.

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    Not as much as you think. U.S. society is based on Barbarian tradition. We are decedents of Anglo-Saxon Christian tradition. Most things that would influence us would be stuff revived during the Renaissance. During the Renaissance many people studied ancient roman science and so forth. However, the people who preserved all the writing were the Muslims. Christianity during the middle ages saw roman and Greek writings as sacrilegious, but the Muslims welcomed the education. You must remember Christianity and modern Europe was cultivated during the middle ages while the ottoman empire was flourishing. We are decedents from the middle age barbarians, not the roman and the Greeks.

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    Oh goodness, there are whole BOOKS and classes and documentaries on how the ancient cultures affect our modern society!

    To get you started: The Greeks started modern sports with the Olympics. The Romans took over most of Europe and contributed Catholicism (sp?)

    I encourage you to take a trip to your local library! Good luck!

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    Olympics was originated in Greece.

    Architectures that you see today is largely influenced by Romans and Greeks.

    Religion- when constantine took power he made christianity the national religion.

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    most influence by my mind was demokracy by greeks what alexander and rome spreaded all over the world

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