where can i get free ipod games for my ipod nano?

see i just got a ipod nano and i do not like the games that they have on the so i am looking for free ones that i can download into my ipod

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  • 1 decade ago
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    you can install iPod Linux, i installed one on mine

    you can play lots of games if you have Linux installed in ur nano

    and u can also watch videos on ur nano

    but the disadvantage is the videos that u put in you nano isn't compressed like those on videos so the the videos that u put will take a bigger space

    but i have the ipod nano 2g black (8 GB) so i dont have to worry about the space

    i also play iDoom it's like Counter Strike in an ipod nano, the graphics are also good

    so if you have linux on ur ipod you can download lots of games like pacman verison of ipod, racing games, adventure games, classic games, sport games, chess, etc.

    but if ur into games u should have bought PSP not ipod nano cause u can put games, videos, music, images, etc. but you need big space memory cards

    i warn u Linux can damage ur ipod's software or ipod's ability to play music so becareful when u install linux on ur ipod nano

    P.S. my brother is a computer engineer, electronics expert, and an iPod Geek so he knows how to install softwares and hack ipods (he's the one who installed linux on my ipod nano)


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  • 1 decade ago

    i don't think u can download any more games.....

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