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Women: If you became pregnant after a brutal rape would you keep the baby?

I'm just wondering. I don't know that I could do it. I think I would definitely take the morning after pill. So many life long problems with bringing a child of rape into the world.

I know this is a heated questions and I am not asking for frivolous reasons. I just don't understand why any woman thinks the government should be able to legislate this issue. A woman should be able to make these decisions herself. I personally am glad anti-abortionists aren't succeeding. I understand some woman are using abortion as a regular means of birth control but I don't think they are the average woman facing this decision.

Any thoughts?


First let me say thank you to everyone who is answering with respect. After being on Y/A for only 3 weeks or so I am always a little nervous about ridiculous people who give hateful answers.

Secondly, I have never, thankfully, had to make this decision in my own life. I am just wondering how people feel about this issue in the 21 century.

Update 2:

One other thing is what about young girls who become pregnant as a result of incest?

I understand the reasoning of "it's not the fetuses fault". My greatest concern though still is the government shouldn't be able to legislate these decisions.

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    i agree with you ,but i feel i would keep my child ,and face the problems of the future head on

  • No I would not keep a baby from a rape, it would be unfair to the child because I may have mixed feelings towards such a child.. and what if it looked like the father? what then? no way would I subject a child or myself to that kind of emotional mess. On top of that the way I see it is no one should ever have a child "accidentally" because you cant be ready for that financially, emotionally, phsically or mentally.

    Women who use abortion as birth control are idiotic to say the least and I do know of several women who do that and it makes me sick, but I also know women who have had abortions because of accidents birth control and condoms are not 100% and getting pregnant while using birth control can lead to serious birth defects so it is better in that case to abort the baby. Not to mention if you arent planning to have a baby and still get pregnant while drinking, doing drugs or taking other meds can be dangerous. I think the choice is up to the woman (and father if he is around) and no government should EVER have the right to make such a life altering decision for another person.

    PS carrying the baby of a rape to term and giving birth to it only to give it up for adoption would not be an option for me... the way I see it is that if I do all the work of growing a child inside my body I will take care of it no matter what, since I wouldnt want to even have the offspring of a rapist growing inside of me to begin with I certainly would be strongly opposed to giving birth to that baby at all.. babies should be created in love, bringing a child created by violence into the world is unimaginable and unacceptable to me. Its my body and I refuse to use it to give birth a child I do not want, I dont care how many people would want to adopt it or what it might become its my choice and I have every right to put my needs and wants above that of something that doesnt yet have life of its own independant of my body.

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    Even though the baby was conceived during a rape, I would have it and give it up for adoption.

    It isn't the baby's fault that it was conceived that way, and there are so many people out there who want to adopt.

    Most ER's offer the morning after pill to rape victims as a matter of course. That's really a personal decision.

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    It is not the embryo's fault it was conceived. I feel that if a woman were to become pregnant by brutal rape she should contact a social services agency or adoption agency to see about having the baby adopted. I am sure there are plenty of couples that would not only like to adopt a newborn, but would be willing to pay the expenses from the first trimester through the birth.

    It is a moral judgment on the part of the expectant mother. You should remember that once the fetus starts to grow, it is a human being regardless of how it was conceived.

    I just wonder how many aborted babies could have been born and grown into greatness. Just think, the baby you abort could have been a doctor, lawyer, or even President.

    Abortion is legalized murder as far as I am concerned. That's just my opinion.

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    Everything happens for a reason. My sons biological father passed away before he was born. I found out that I was pregnant AFTER I found out what a POS he was.

    My husband and I got married before my son was born. THe only thing that differentiates my son from a child that would be biologically his is blood. He is great to him.

    We tried for years to have a child between us finally finding out that he wasn't able to have kids.

    So, looking back...I did almost have an abortion. Had I did I, wouldn't have had a beautiful son like I do. It was a blessing is disguise!!

    I do see some characteristics of his biological father at times...but in a way I am thankful. I wouldn't have had a family at all without that happening.

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    If I ever got raped and I pray to God that I never will I would keep the baby because it won't be the babies fault and I will not murder an innocent baby no matter what. I am against any abortion. All of them are murders and I don't like them. There's a better choice then abortion and that's giving the baby away so the baby has the chance to grow up and have a normal life. That's so much better then abortion.

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    This is a really good question and you are probably going to get a wide variety of answers. My personal opinion if that it is not the baby's fault. I would never get rid of a child, regardless of the way it was conceived. That child can be brought up to never know about how it was conceived, and be just fine. I think abortion is wrong, no matter what. This is just my personal thoughts, everyone is entitled to their own.

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    Choosing to abort such a baby is ranking one life, the mother's, over that of the baby. Who makes that decision? Suppose that child overcomes the challenge of their conception and becomes a world contributor? You don't know, that is why the decision doesn't have a right answer.

    An abortion decision is simply based on ranking an established life, with tools to deal with adversity, over a potential one.

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    I'm a guy and I'd like to say it is NOT THE BABY'S FAULT, so don't kill it. I know it's probably easy for me to say this but I think human life should be priority no. 1.

    I think the baby should be given up for adoption but killing human life is unacceptable. I believe if the woman kept the baby, God would be very glad, and bless and enrichen her life tremendously. Who knows, the kid could become another Bill Gates, Dorothy Hamill, or Tiger Woods!

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    I don't think I could keep the baby, but I wouldn't abort it either. I'd carry it to term and find a nice loving home for it where it could have a chance. The baby is innocent, it was the perpetrator who was heinous.

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    Yes, it's not the babies fault...why would you end it's life for what happened to you...if you don't want to raise the baby because it would remind you of what happened, you can always give it up for adoption...abortion is not always the only way to go!

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