what am I?

I've always considered myself white but my heritage on my mom's side is french-canadian, pennsylvania dutch and german. on my dad's side he's Peruvian (incan) and he told me that his great grandmother was black. I was told that if someone has black in them even a little bit, they're considered black. I am as white as can be (skin tone), but am I black?

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    1 decade ago
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    nope, ur white, especially if you appear to be externally. your lucky to have such a colourful background, im just white, with about 60 generations of English ancestors, prob since the ice caps melted (j/k) with one about 5 generations ago who was Dutch, and one Irish/Welsh, no-one further than about 300 miles away from where i live now (SE England) lolz, apart from them we have all lived in the same town for 4 generations, and before that lived in the one 6 miles down the road for as long as anyone knows

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    1 decade ago

    My viewpoint is little unusual. Although raised in the South during the 50s and 60s and having heard that particular piece of "wisdom", it always struck me as silly.

    I think you are American. With the exception of the Native Americans, we are all an amalgam of races and cultures. (In fact, even though the Native Americans were the first people we found when we landed, they are not from the USA.) I believe your culture defines you. Just as I have known whites that were raised within poor Black communities, they speak and act as poor Blacks do. On the other hand, I have friends (Black) that were raised in a middle-class white society who speak as I do and have the same dreams and aspirations as I do.

    I think you are making a tempest in a tea cup. Everyone on the planet has an ancestor from Africa, so why sweat the small stuff? Whoever passed on that little piece of "wisdom" to you is yanking your chain. Be who you are. Act as you've always acted. What does it matter if some foolish reactionary considers you black? Dump the loser, and you might point out to him that he also has a little bit of black in him. You might enjoy his face turning red and his sputtering...

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