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Just got a 4 yr old dog that is not house trained and I need help on this. She can't hold it more than 2 hour

She was a show dog and never had a normal life. Can't figure out how to train her. She is so sweet and gentle but not much smarts and if you remind her she will go outside but otherwise she will just go in the house.

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    just try to walk her as much as possible don't pet her when she goes on the floor.and i know this sounds a little harsh but try to keep her in her kennel until she can hold it a little longer than 2 hours or break down and buy wee-wee pads

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    When you are home with her take her out as much as possible. When you leave put her in the utility room or bathroom with newspaper all over the floor that way she will use the paper. I raise Yorkies and have 2 in the house and they are paper trained, they are old and only weigh 1 1/2 lbs. and 2 1/2 lbs. They never go outside at all and very seldom have an accident and I never advise people to let their pets have full run of the house.

    Have you tried giving her treats when she potties outside and give her alot of praise.

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    Don't know if this'll help, but watch her closely. Every time you see her getting ready to go, get her outside, then praise her for doing it outside. Nights you can get some relief by picking her food and water up in the evening and then not putting them down until morning. If you do this though, remember other water sources - keep the toilet seat down for example. When training puppies I pick up the food at about 5:00 pm, water an hour later. Takes about a week to get them used to it, and keep the mess off the floor. They can and will hold it all night.

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    Watch her behaviour carefully when she needs to relieve herself, so you can spot the signs.

    Stay outside as much as possible on fine weathered days, so your dog can develop a preference for eliminating outdoors.

    Help him develop a liking for surfaces like dirt and gravel by taking her outdoors to eliminate after eating, playing and sleeping. Starting a feeding and toileting routine is good.

    Make sure she has a comfy bed at night. Dogs are den animals and don't like to soil the area where they sleep.

    Supply a litter box (filled with sand or kitty litter) during the night, unless you plan on getting up every couple of hours to take her outside.

    Make sure once they wake up, they go straight outside to relieve themselves.

    Reward your dog with treats and praise every time she successfully eliminates outdoors.

    Be consistent with training. Consult a pet behaviorist if you have problems.

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    We trained our dog quite easily, mainly, if she's asleep inside, as soon as she wakes up, take her straight outside and wait with her until she goes tio the toilet. When she does, make sure you give her a lot of praise. Also try to take her out every half an hour, two hours is a little bit too long.

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    I know you probably cant take her out every hour so i would try to take her out after 2 hrs then 2.5 hrs and stretch the time in the house 30 minutes longer between each time you walk her.

    Good Luck.

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    when she pees on the floor or poops on the floor, rub her nose in it and put her out. if she starts goin to the potty outside say "good girl" and give her a treat and maybe even play with her for 10 minutes. everytime she GOES outside reward her with tlc and there u have it!

    hope i helped.


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    You will have to crate her when she is not being watched-and be diligent about taking her outside when she's running loose in the house.

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    She probably has a health problem. Get her checked out by a vet.

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