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what is the best way to get rid of fleas in the household?

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    When I first got my 2 cats, they arrived as 5 week old kittens infested with fleas...crawling into their eyes and ears, jumping on me, you name it. Because they were so young I couldn't use flea powders on them or in the home, so a friend gave me a wonderful home remedy that is safe and effective.

    Get some garlic powder, some dollar stores have this and also grocery stores carry it....sprinkle some on the carpets, bedding (theirs and yours), etc. Wait about 3 hours or so then vacuum. Be sure and vacuum their bedding too, and for additional protection you can wash the bedding with detergent for baby clothes. Fleas HATE garlic and will die of starvation, and you should be able to suck most of them up with the vacuum this way too. Additionally, put some garlic powder in the kitty's fur to kill off any on them. If you still have fleas do it again the next day, then wait a couple days and see if you still find fleas. This really only a few days my apartment and kitties were totally free of them and they haven't had any since!

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    Aerosol flea bombs.

    You'll need one for each room, including basement and attic if you have those.

    Remove or cover securely all food, water, dishes, bowls and utensils, ***Follow The Directions To The Letter***, and get out of the house with your pets for however long the directions say to.

    You can get flea bombs at places like hardware stores and home stores. You can also get the stuff in squeeze bottles, but unless you have a very small home, get the aerosol bombs. You can give yourself tendonitis doing any but the smallest homes with those squeeze bottles! And you can miss places.

    Treat all pets with Advantage, Frontline or one of those products the evening before you fumigate the house. You have to get rid of the fleas both in the house and on the critters at the same time.

    If you think you might have fleas in your car, you could use a squeeze bottle to do the car the day before you do the house. Then you won't bring fleas from the car into your freshly fumigated house.

    Fumigating is a real hassle, but it works. Once fleas are well established, it's the only way that works.

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    It's expensive but the best way is to have your yard and house professionally treated and then keep all your pets treated with a good product (I have never seen a store bought flea collar that worked however). Also, vets usually know good do-it-yourself products that actually work for house and yard.

    It could be more difficult though. Are there a lot of strays in your neighborhood? This was a huge problem where I used to live because of irresponsible neighbors procreating stray cats all over the place. It was terrible. I did not even have any indoor/outdoor pets and the entire yard and house was completely infested. Their were no laws against allowing cats to run loose (like their are leash laws for dogs) so we had to trap the stray cats ourselves (humanely of course, the traps were rented from the SPCA) and take the strays to the local SPCA ourselves. This was a huge pain. We spent a fortune treating for fleas but nothing any effect until we first cured the stray problem in our neighborhood. I hope your solution is easier.

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    Adam's fleas and tick shampoo is the best. They also make a house spray that is awesome. Vacuum everyday, wash anything the cats sleep on, and bathe the cats once a week, or once every 2 weeks until the fleas are gone.

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    I work for a pest control company. the best way to rid your home of fleas, is professionally. The pest control technicians are licensed to use professional chemicals which are very safe now days. The key to keeping them under control is vacuuming. Vacuum often and throw away your bags after you use them. Also your pet needs to be treated with frontline.

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    A good way is sevin dust, sprinkle in on the carpet, on the furniture and leave it for a few hours then vaccum it up. Also throw away any pet bedding, clean pets bed and you can even put sevin dust on your dog or cat it will get rid of fleas.

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    Treat the cat with Frontline which you have to purchase from the Vet as the flea repellents sold in the supermarkets are ineffective.

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    i have never found a chemical spray that works well. vacuum repeatedly and change the bag often. also a night light plugged into an outlet with a pan of soapy water will form a trap for fleas. they try to hop to the light and drown in the soapy water. has to be soapy otherwise they float on the water, rather than sink

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    Flea bomb the house

    Give the animal a bath

    Use advantage

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    Rent a Rug Doctor for the carpets and furniture. Put some ammonia in a spray bottle for the nooks you can't vacuum.

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