What advice to give my sister?? help!!?

She was taken to the hospital yesterday because her water broke at 26 weeks. Her baby is only estimated to weigh only 1.8 lbs as of today. Her cervix is not at all dialated and she has had no labor pains. Anyone else gone through this?


And there is very little amniotic fluid around the baby. Shes already been stabalized and is on COMPLETE bed-rest.

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    Having a preemie is scary mine was 5weeks early I know that's not as early as this little one,but I understand. It is scary but the things they can do now in hospitals and with preemies is amazing.When my daughter was born there was a baby in there born at 6and a half months she was teeny-tiny and she thrived and thrived a year later she was healthy as could be.I think this baby and your sister will be fine. Just pray and keep on praying and don't be scared b/c she's so small,Awesome things come in small packages please let me know how things work out.Bedrest sucks!!!! If you cn keep that girl company and help her around the house :)

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    I haven't gone through this but I worked in a Neonatal Intesive Care Unit for four years. I have seen a lot of the same situation. Its very scary, but with todays technology it's amazing what they can do for these tiny babies. I have seen so many little ones that big get well, grow and go home with no problems. Make sure she talks to one of the Neonatologists before the baby is delivered. They'll explain what will happen when the baby is born and what they will do and what to expect. My hopes and prayers are with her and your family. Good Luck!!!!

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    I think it's just a case of being there and supporting her through this hard time.

    The doctors will be monitoring her and the baby. As her amniotic fluid is low, she'll probably be induced or go through a c-section if the doctors think it's necessary.

    My baby was overdue, but I had to be induced due to the fluids being low as well.

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    I am sorry to hear about your sister this is very scary but if she does everything the doctors say I am sure everything will be fine. My neice was born at 2 lbs and dropped down to 1.5 lbs now she is 1 1/2 and is health as a horse. Just keep the faith.

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    Just from what I understand about it, make sure she listens to the doctors totally with the bed rest. This is for the safety of the baby!

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    The best advice I can give is to listen to the doctors every letter and pray for God to help her baby

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    oh my-Im sorry, I do not know what to say--except be absolutely sure she listens to the doctors and stays put in bed!!

    it is very easy when on bed rest to just get up and do stuff--but she really needs to stay put.

    I hope everything turns out ok.

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    just pray for the best and hope the big man upstairs blesses this baby for the rest of it's life

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    they best thing you can do is pray and hope and if HE wants it to be then it happens. hope everything works out!

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