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How long is okay to bleach your hair twice? It's been longer than a month and a half since I last bleached?

I bleached it, but didn't leave it on for long, left it on for only 20 minutes as it was white-ish by then. Then added temporary color that lasts a month, non chemical (plant based).

And I need to bleach again, is it safe to do so? To remove the month-temporary dye, and my roots of course.

, Would this be unsafe, or would this remove it and not damage my hair severely? Sorry if its confusing lol, I tried hard to research this before asking, but I need help on this one. And yes I understand bleaching is stripping the hair, but after longer than a month and a half, and with added dye on top, can one bleach again after a certain period? And yes that was the only time it had been bleached ever, so it wasn't damaged previously. THANK YOU :-)


Oh dont worry, its not a home made bleach ,its a pro bleach, and I have someone experienced do it. :-)

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    Well u can bleach, but only the roots .do not overlap the bleach on top of the hair that is already bleached it may cause some damage so be careful ,just because u put as u call it., dye on top of the bleach u can put the dye on (after u bleach only the roots) all of your hair so that u don't notice where u bleached Lord i hope this making sense and make sure u deep condition after Good Luck And Happy New Year

  • Home bleaching is not really recommended by professionals because it is quite damaging on the hair. But if you can't afford professional help, you must do regular treatments at least once a week, by doing this you put moisture and protein back into your hair.

    Bleaching over pre-bleached hair does damage it but there are many factors to look at, such as how fine your hair is, if you have sun damage etc. By putting in the temporary colour now you have to bleach this out also, you would have been better using a toner.

    If you have regrowth put the bleach on here first, then run through to the ends after approx 15mins. then use a semi permanent toner to cut out any gold left in the hair. Remember to use regular treatments to stop your hair getting any more damaged.

    I hope some of this helped you :)

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    I did it once a month, to the roots. Never had any problems. Used conditioners. Your time frame sound fine.

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