if something get so small the humans eyes cant see it and it connects with sometihng else then .......?

before i asked this:

like when saop touches water and it gets smaller ........... can it get so small that it doesnt exist ........ because size is infinity isnt it? like the galaxy compared to a cell in our body

if like 100 things that are so small that the humans eye cant see it connects with each toher it would make something that the humans eye can see right?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    of course, if enough things too small to see got together, and stayed that way long enough, then the human eye would be able to see them.

    The reason I say "of course" is because the human eye cannot see the individual cells that make up our bodies (or any other plant or animal bodies for that matter) but when enough cells get together, they create a living creature that we CAN see, such as a marmoset, an ocelot, a dog, or you and me.

    The same thing applies at an even smaller scale. All things are made of atoms, which we cannot see, but get enough atoms together, and you can see the things made of them, otherwise, we could never see anything.

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    ah, yes, grasshopper..but the soap is still there, just in a different form (in solution, therefore it is a solute), and yes, not visible to eye as soap but certainly as cloudy water.

    everything is made up of energy, and energy is neither created nor destroyed, just transferred/transformed.

    now snatch the pebble from my hand...

  • 1 decade ago

    well I guess so. Take dust for an example, one little speck of dust you can't see, yet over time it accumulates then it is visible to the human eye.

  • 1 decade ago

    stoned again, I see. . .

    yes, a bar of soap can get so small it no longer exists

    it has been dissolved, nincompoop. . .lol

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