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how long do it take for a hicky to dissappear???

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    The best way to make it disappear quickly is to wear a turtle neck. Otherwise, at least a week or so, and stop getting them.

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    It really depends on how big it is. If it is little then probably about 3-4 days. If it is big and ur in a rush to lose it then you can apply a hot towel (so i've heard) to get ur blood back flowing, because a hicky is basically a blood clot. If it doesn't work sorry.

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    about 2-3 days

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    i wore a scarf for a week, middle of summer, told my mum i had a sore neck, she seen it, when my b/friend came to the house , she threw a chicken bone to him and said ," if you want to bite, bite on that and leave my girls neck alone". i was 17 at the time and i died a million deaths, but i laugh about it now..

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    Take a comb and stroke it gently, that will disperse the blood back into your system. Not too hard tho! Should by mostly gone by the A.M.

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    Well that all depends how big it is.. Usually in a few days. But if its a biggy one.. about a week or so...

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    depends on how large and deep it is, one to two weeks

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    rub citrus (orange or lemon even better) on it everyday it fades faster.

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    six to ten days.

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