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My dog keeps licking a wound on my leg?

I have a 2 inch wound on my shin, my dog is freaking out trying to lick it. He keeps easing up to me, laying down and the next thing i know hes licking it again. I run him off and he comes back for more. It feels nice-but at the same time its kinda strange and creepy. Should i allow him to do this?

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    Your dog is treating you like a member of his pack (which you are). Dogs lick wounds to keep them clean and help them heal. Even though typically dogs have cleaner mouths than humans, sometimes dogs can carry an infection in their mouth (especially if they have bad teeth). Keep a light bandage on your leg so the dog can't get to it, and firmly tell him no when he tries to lick it. If it's any consolation, he does it cause he loves you

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    Consider the many places a dog licks on his own body.

    By now, you should be cleaning & dressing the wound, patting the dog's head, yet stopping the licking, right? Don't forget the Neosporin.

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    Maybe im being a bit silly here, but shouldnt you be a bit more concerned about having a two inch open wound on your leg than what your dog is doing? Is it bleeding? How did you cut yourself? Do you always sit around typing on the internet while bleeding to death?

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    its actually good for a dog too lick a persons wounds the natural acids in there mouth will heal our wounds quicker and also if u have medication on it its apparent animals love strange odors so that maybe why he is licking it.. also i have heard a dog can find cancer on a person they can smell it but , this is not sayin u have any form of cancer it jus may mean he is tryin to help u heal♥

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    no, he might infect the wound

    put a bandage on the wound

    he's just going on instinct

    he wants to lick the wound all better

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    Allow him to do so. It not only shows affection but also helps wounds heal. That is why dogs lick their wounds--cuz it helps them heal faster. And did you know that dog saliva is actually cleaner than human saliva?

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    Yes, i completely agree with Dorothy c, he/she is treating you as it's pack member. it wants to make sure you're okay, andhe ares well, about your well-being. though, him licking it for a long period of time is not good for the wound, so, if it's new, don't let him lick it raw. if its scabed oover, it's okk

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    Let him lick it.

    Hey, it makes him feel like he's taking care of you.

    And it's not hurting you and you already said that it doesn't feel bad.

    It's getting all the crud off of it.

    But, after he's done...put some hydrogen peroxide.

    Let your dog love you by taking care of your owee.

    Think of it as a kind of 'bonding' experience.

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    my cat did the same thing to me . when animals are hurt they will lick their wounds. whether their saliva has any natural curitve powers i don't know. i kept my wound bandaged.

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    That is beyond disgusting.

    Put a bandage on it, put some pants on and get your dog some obedience training.

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