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Is there a way to unsecure WMV files?

I've got a ton of WMV files that I can't burn or use in my iPod. Please help!!


Woops, I meant WMA files...

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    You're question isn't quite clear. If you mean to bypass the "protection" (DRM) on a Windows Media file, there is no way to do so that I am aware of. If you mean to transcode (convert) a WMV file to a format your iPod can play, I recommend trying VideoLAN Client ( ). If you can playback the file in that program, you can transcode it to an MPEG-4 file that your iPod will play. Unfortunately, so transcoding will inevitably loose you a lot of quality unless your source files are quite good (significantly larger than the 320x240 iPod screen, or at a high bitrate).

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    Oh, WMA? If you really do mean "unsecure," I don't think that you can. iTunes can convert unprotected ("protected" is the term Microsoft uses) files, but you probably already knew that.

    BTW, if you are in the U.S. doing so (or telling someone else how) is illegal under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act; if I knew, I couldn't tell you anyway. You probably should ask this question on a non-U.S. hosted forum.

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