How long with twins?

I am 21 weeks pregnant with twins, and I was wondering what the longest anyone has carried twins, and about what the norm was?


I don't know if it makes any difference, but I am eighteen, will be ninteen when I have them, and it's my first pregnancy.

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    i'm sure there have been twins who were overdue... the average gestation of twins is 36 weeks.

    Twins generally face the fewest medical complications and are usually born healthy. The more babies a woman carries at once, the greater her risk of complications.

    Close to 60 percent of twins, over 90 percent of triplets and virtually all quadruplets and higher multiples are born preterm. The length of gestation decreases with each additional baby. On average, most singleton pregnancies last 39 weeks; for twins, 36 weeks; for triplets, 32 weeks; for quadruplets, 30 weeks; and for quintuplets, 29 weeks.

    Over 50% of twins are born before 37 weeks.

    Source(s): mom x3 (march of dimes website)
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    I carried my girls to 38 weeks and 2 days!!! Yay!!! They are very healthy and are doing great. Even though I was very big, by law my doctor couldn't do anything to expedite the delivery until after 37 weeks. I thought sure they would come before that but they didn't. Congratulations! Twins are a lot of work, but such a blessing and wonderful!

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    I havea friend that is 43 weeks with twins right now.

    I had mine at 34 weeks with no preemie related complications

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    they generally consider 36 weeks term with twins.

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    It is common to deliver about a month early.

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