Can you pass HPV via toilets, bathtubs, etc...?? My wife INSISTS those are ways to get it.?

My wife has called some HPV hotline and insists that we (yep, we are both infected but monogamous...married for 7 yrs) can pass along this virus to our daughter via toilet, bath tub, etc...I have YET to find evidence supporting this. Can someone tell me if this is true and if so, where do I go to find that info? My wife is on a binge to clean the toilet, bath tub, FULL arms, etc...EVERY time either she or I use the restroom ahead of our 5 yr old daughter. We've know about this for yrs so I have been through this for yrs. I just need to know if her concerns are valid or if she is just overdoing things a bit. Looking for answers to verify all this.

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    HPV is a virus, a virus can not live outside the body. A virus is contracted from person to person. So, No, You can not catch it from a toilet seat.

    It can be passed to children through childbirth. And the wonderful thing is that it can be treated.

    If you and your wife have had it for years, both of you should go to the doc and get treated. There are creams and the doctor can used different ways to remove them with chemical solutions and lazer removal

    Please get yourself tested to ensure that you both have them. And get treated.

    Also, HPV has been linked to some types of cervical cancer. Your wife should be under the care of a physician to ensure that she does not have any abnormal cells.

    Please see your docs.

    Source(s): I am a nurse
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  • 1 decade ago

    There is no evidence that says you can pass HPV via toilet seats, etc. Every online resource I have looked through repeats this same information. I would certainly say that the steps you are taking are excessive.

    That said, I'm not a doctor and my only knowledge of the subject is from the internet. Give your doctor a call to verify this information.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think she is overdoing it. Viruses require a human host to live, and can't really survive outside the human body. HPV requires skin-to-skin contact to transmit.

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  • 1 decade ago

    are you sure its HPV? and not Herpes? I mean your daughter has it too? Im thinking its Herpes. In regards to catching it off the tub or toilet-your wife needs to chill out. or maybe let her think its possible to get it off a car or the garage what ever needs cleaning that you see at the monment. That way she takes care of your honeydo s and thinks she is protecting her family. But a toilet seat is not as germ ladden as a cell phone or escalator rail or keyboard, doorhandle even the sponge she uses to clean.

    does she have OCD-obessive compulsive disorder? Im sorry sir but she sounds like a real pain in the ........oh married life.

    The only way to contract either HPV or Herpes is by contact with an infectecd person. Food for thought-did you have your HPV before or after the Mrs.? If after you may want to check her out more closely. Happy Wanderings??

    Source(s): Dr Drew Penski-loveline KROQ 106.7FM in L.A.
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