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i need a life?

i deleted my myspace because i needed to get a life and 4 of my friends deleted theirs... i thought i could get a life do something.. but i had a myspace for like... 2 years or something im too addicted and i dont know what to do.. what can i do to make my life..... better. my parents dont let me do anything, not even go outside so dont say hang wit friends. i need something i can do at home thats not myspace


i dont like tv its stupid sorry

Update 2:

no no no...... they let me in front of the house and stuff,, just not to places w/out them... because they cant trust me that much after all the complaint from the neighbors

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    make a blog(spot), thats exactly what I did to keep track of my resolutions!

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    you are here, I am glad your here. This is pretty neat place. Myspace can get boring anyway. I cannot understand why your parents will not let you go outside, for one thing some sunshine is good for you. It is not fair to you. You need real live friends in your life, not myspace that you never meet in person most of the time. I sense there is something here that your trying to say, but have not said. This is the first time in my life I have ever heard of a parent keeping their kids in doors all the time. You need to talk to your school counselor about this. Not only is weird, very wrong. Talk to the counselor as soon as possible, do not be afraid to tell the counselor everything, that is the only way she can help.

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    Good call, that and MySpace sucks anyhow, it's for 13 year olds, chavs, wannabe' bands and idiots who don't know the difference between HTML and JS, and couldn't design a real webpage if they used both braincells at the same time.

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    Sounds like it's time to develop a new hobby. Learn to play an instrument or sing/rap, start getting into spy novels, learn to draw, get into music, write, find a cookbook for beginners (trust me, you NEED to know how to cook once you leave home), just anything that you can practice at home.

    Best of luck, and Happy New Year.

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    Answer questions on here. Your spending your time wisly by helping others. Or you could find a cool website to go to. best of luck

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    find a sport you like, such as b ball. Or you could find a indoor sport you like, such as ping pong, or pool. If u don't like sports then there are cool websites like and

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    watch tv

  • Konrad
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    eh.. get a girl?

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