Ipod Aux Auxiliary Stereo input Cable?

Does anyone know where, other than the internet, I can buy an iPOD Aux Auxiliary Stereo input Cable?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    have you checked best buy or radio shack.. i have an aux cable that i bought at radio shack.. it doesnt have to de designated for an ipod i think they all will work.. and the ipod sounds much better in the car with that cord..

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    Well, if you have access to a local electronics store, you can save money, as you don't need an authentic iPod aux cable. It costs more just for the marketing. All you need to find is a cable with a white RCA phono jack, and a red one as well. On the other end is the headphone jack input. Also, you can make a homemade cable. All you need to do is to get an old pair of headphones. If the cord is kind of stiff, it will be an easier cord to use. Cut a portion off and strip the plastic off, exposing 2 wire ends. The 1st one is just bare and will be evaluated as the - end, and the other is contained in another tube of plastic insulation, which will be evaluated as the + end. Take some old RCA phono cords and cut a portion of the wires off. Strip the cords, revealing the wires. Twist the - ends of the cords together and the + ends together as well, making sure the + side does not make contact with the - side. After that's done, tape it off with electrical tape.

    NOTE: There is another type of headphone cord, which will be unusable. If you strip your headphone cord and some wire is exposed, one side is colored blue or red, and the other is plain copper or silver. These ones are unusable. Good luck! Hope you can jam out to your iPod on your home stereo soon!

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    Cheapest is ebay, seach Ipod MP3 Aux Auxiliary Cable. Around 6.99 shipped.

    Or if you prefer the apple store for 20.00 Belkin makes one with a retractable cable. "Belkin Retractable Mini-Stereo Cable"

    If you have RCA inputs then you would want to get a Y-cable instead of the single stereo plug, which is different than what I listed above. Apple makes one in white, also on their site.

  • Spend $20 and get the original cable from Apple. Circuit City, Best Buy, and Radio Shack will carry them. Dont make your own, spend the $20 and save your I-Pod.

    Source(s): Installing I-Pod's for 4 years in cars
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  • 4 years ago

    The car stereo part is incidental. As long as both ipod and computer speakers accept the 3.5mm jacks the ipod will play through the speakers.

  • 1 decade ago

    Try Crutchfield. They have everything for car audio.

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