What is that one quote that is like "life is like an apple tree guys reach for the lowest apples first . . .

What is that one quote that is like "life is like an apple tree guys reach for the lowest apples first but you have to work to get the good ones at the top"

it's something really close to that, i just can't remember the right words



yeah it is referring to the women at the top being the best, and guys can always pick one from the bottom, but they really have to work hard to get one from the top so they don't reach there often, they usually go for the bottom ones cause they're easier to get

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    it is referring to women being the best on the top of the tree

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    I've read that quote before... someone (prolly a girl) wrote that guys go for the "apples" that are "bruised" - already on the ground (inferior) instead of taking the risk and climbing to the top, where the good apples are. The same could be said for just about anything- people tend to take the easier path, the one most traveled.

    “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I -- I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” ~ Robert Frost

    “Sometimes the road less traveled is less traveled for a reason” ~ Jerry Seinfeld

    An example is- at the grocery store, the more common and marketable products are shelved at "eye" level. The more expensive and exclusive items are on the higher shelves- usually.

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    I like this comparison to the tree, especially the apple tree. The tree being the tree of life and the apple having a reference to Adam and knowledge. There is also a tale of the Salmon of knowledge who gained its knowledge from the nuts of the hazel tree that fell into the River Boyne. Anyway the connection is the tree and its produce if you see? we grow and we produce the fruits of our experience that is passed on in the same way as that of the afore mentioned trees. In the tree, the roots that have provided the basic nourishment for the sappling to grow into maturity also provide the fruit with the goodness that they pass on. Of course you do mention those that fall from the branches to the ground and then return to the earth, returning the nourishement needed for the cycle to continue. So in thier own way they are just as important as every other part of the tree. So death is not so much a solution to life but in death life can be sustained. The thing of course is, that with the tree, it is not the tree that decides which survives and which doesn`t, nor is it the produce it bears. As in life we don`t have that decision to make but, unlike the tree we have the will to change the fruits we bring forth if we allow our roots to nourish our thoughts

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    theres a poem that deals with the same sentiment- the apple gathering by browning?/ tennyson? thats good check it out- google it...

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