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Padds or Tampons?

Pros and cons for both?Im scared to use a tampon..?

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    it depends on how you look at it.. for sanitary reason i say tampon but some people like pads better for me i don't want the idea of blood dripping out of me. toxic shock syndrome is something most people don't see anymore cuz by now pretty much everyone knows to take the darn things out every few hours. for some there are concerns about putting anything that could have chemicals on it inside of them and for those people they have natural tampons.

    as far as pros and cons i will start out with pros....


    slightly cheaper

    non invasive

    more coverage


    more contained ( no blood dripping)

    less likely to be seen or heard by others (pads can make diaper sounds)

    easier to slip in a purse or pocket




    handleing can get messy

    again with the dripping blood thing



    could cause tss if you forget to take it out

    well theres my opinions for ya hope it helped

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    When's the last time you heard someone die from a tampon? It is very uncommon. They have to put that on the box b/c it probably happened to a small amount of people. Just like they put a warning on birth control pills about blood clots, but that rarely happens

    Go with tampons. It is bad enough to have to go through that every month, but to have to be messy makes it worse. Used to do pads, will NEVER go back. Also I leave the tampon in for way longer than 3 hours. Don't stress about it. They will make your life sooo much easier

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    Tampons. They are cleaner, don't smell, don't cause irritation. Don't be scared. You can wear most for up to 8 hours and you won't die. Read the instructions and the warnings. Toxic shock syndrome is rare but if you start to show symptoms, take it out and call a doctor. You are free to do so much more with a tampon. You can wear a bathing suit and go swimming. You can't even feel them. Give them a try.

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    Pros -

    safer than tampons (no risk of toxic shock)

    letting blood flow "out" seems more natural

    easier to tell when it's time to change

    Cons -

    slight risk of yeast infection

    slight risk of urinary tract infection

    the odor

    feeling like you're wearing a diaper

    Tampons -


    Better Protection

    Feeling Cleaner

    Not really being able to feel anything


    Risk of Toxic Shock

    not natural to hold flow inside of you

    may increase cramping

    Cups -


    Can be worn for up to 12 hours, safely

    No know instances of toxic shock or infection

    with Instead Cup, you can have sex on your period


    Difficult to insert

    Can be messy

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    If you just started your period go with the pad, if you have been on it for more than a year you can try the tampon if you want.

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    I like tampons a lot better than pads.. but you need to be hygenic when it comes to tampons. You need to change them frequently.

    Pad are kind of yucky.

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    Tampons... Or as my brother calls them Plugs ..

    They aren't that scary as they seem.

    They aren't that risky as they seem.

    And they are much cleaner

    Pads... Are like diapers

    They are sort of disgusting if you think about it.

    You sit in it.

    And it can cause rashes

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    pads... pros: there is no risk of TSS. cons: they feel like you're wearing a diaper and you can feel the blood dripping out whenever you are standing up.

    tampons... pros: they are comfortable and you can't feel the blood leak out. cons: there is a risk of TSS (it's very rare)

    i prefer tampons, myself...

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    Pads are kind of gross. Tampons aren't as risky as some people think.

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    I think pads are fine, so are tampons. It all depends on what you prefer.

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