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Should I reconnect with my friends from high school ?

Hello everybody for the past couple of months I've been trying to decide should I try to reconnect with my friends from high school. It all started when I got together with my girlfriend she wanted to spend a lot of time with me as did I, but my friends also wanted to also. It got to the point where my friends started to interfere with my relationship with my girlfriend by trying to make me go out with them on the weekends which wouldn't be a problem but my g.f. was 17 going on 18 so she couldn't hang out as late as they would plus she was on punishment anyways this started to put a strain on our relationship so I decided to what was best for our relationship and I cut my friends off and my relationship got a whole lot better but it's a year later and I'm starting to miss them. My g.f. wants me to find them but I'm really scared that they will most likely hate me. I know this is a lot but if somebody out there could give me some advice I would greatly appreciate

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    You will have to make up your mind about what it is you want the most! Usually though, the gilrs come and go. Friends are forever! But that is only my humble opinion...

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    If youve already been speaking on fb, and youre 26, as long as she is over 21 I dont see what or whose permission you're waiting for. Are you although stressful your mom might desire to disapprove? in basic terms bypass bypass to and be respectful and generic fee, and characteristic an outstanding bypass to. in my opinion, the easy certainty which you improve your mothers consequence of the females mom from years interior the previous (common or now no longer), makes me ask your self no count if possibly you think of of this pal from extreme college doesnt might desire to be respected. You seem variety of sheltered, is that why you're inquiring for advice at your age?

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