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How long are Allen Iverson and Chris Webber's contracts?

How much longer do the Sixers have to pay these two guys 15 mil. a piece?

One guy doesn't even play for the Sixers anymore and the other doesn't even play. How long before the Sixers get them off their back?

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    Both those players make a lot more than $15 mil a year.

    Chris Webber's contract expires after the 2007-08 season. He's due over $22 mil in his last year, and is the second highest paid player in the league after Kevin Garnett.

    Allen Iverson is no longer on Philly's payroll, he's on the Nuggets tab until the 2008-09 season.

    Philly is reportedly looking to move Andre Miller (and maybe Chris Webber if that's possible) before the trade deadline for players with expiring contracts so they can clear some cap room for next season.

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    The Sixers dont pay Iverson anymore and I think C-Webb has one or two more years left on his contract

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    sixers are done wit iverson. they got prob 2-3 yrs with webber.

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    They both have years left on their current contracts. But Phili isn't paying AI, Denver is.

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