How is my character a mary sue?

Ok here's what going on. I do a chracter, and for some reason people say it's a sue because I said her mother died, and her dad is a drunk. People go through stuff like this everyday where I live. So why is this? Don't people go through stuff like death, rape, in real life.


It cant be impossible. How is that? People die everyday, people are raped and abused everyday, I dont get it?

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    Mary Sues typically have tragic, horrible pasts, which makes them more loved and pitied by other characters. It is totally possible to have a character like that and her not being a Sue, but most people take it too far. The combination of flawless features, an angst-ridden backround, and amazing abilities makes good authors/RP's barf. I don't know enough about your character to help you determine if she needs a little work, but you can e-mail me at for that.

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    nicely, her call does not make plenty experience. The double family participants call might propose she's 0.5 French the Aristocracy and nil.5 German the Aristocracy. So the place does the demon section are available in? Is she a Mary Sue? nicely, how does all and sundry manage her? She's hated with the aid of all and sundry, she's paranoid and she or he's egocentric. So, she has 0 acquaintances and no interest in anybody else's well being. what's your plot back? because of the fact if it comprises her and her acquaintances saving the universe, then sure, she's a Mary Sue - because of the fact the character you describe has no reason to do this and is maximum no longer at risk of have any acquaintances interior the 1st place. ignore including flaws. suitable now she's one extensive flaw from commencing off to end. you like some reason in the back of her to ever work together with everybody, and that i'm battling why the human beings interior the city does no longer merely have have been given at the same time and pushed her out or killed her years in the past.

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    It doesn'y seam like it, mary sue is when you put yourself in whatever you are doing, like pairing yourself with cool characters and been the poor little girl and all that

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    I know a good guide to see whether your character is a mary sue or not.

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    no, it is impossible

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