should i be concerned that my husband is into porn?

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    no,, watch it with him while you have sex,, my wife is always saying put a movie in to watch,, its really fun

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    Being raised in A Christian family, I was taught that porn is bad, no matter what. But, our current pastor believes, as I do, that having a great sex life with your partner is okay, and if that involves some dirty moves, I do not see harm in it. However, I do think if the porn is violent and abusive to women,like those that features rapes and young girls, should be a big warnin about the kind of man you are with and what he may be capable of.

    My husband and I sometimes watch movies together, and it heightens our arousal. He and I are monogamous, so , it hasnt led us astray.

    Maybe he is "kinky" and likes watch porn because it gets him excited for sex.People can act like prudes, but we all look.

    Whether its a girl in a thong, or a guy in a tight suit with a bulge poppin out, well, it is quite human.

    So, take it easy on him, but let him know you are bothered by it. Maybe he will stop it for you.

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    Porn in marriage. That's a tough call.

    It's all relative. Could depend on what kind of porn he's involved in? How often? Does his interest prevent him from being a more attentive or responsible contributing member of the family?

    How serious do YOU think this is?

    Some women find it intolerable and find it to be a threat which crosses moral boundaries.

    Other women learn that it is harmless, on the lite side and actually adds a little spice to an otherwise routine sex life.

    You need to talk it over with him and determine if there is a line that has been crossed in your marriage.

    For some it is a path that leads to discontent and disruption in the marriage. In other homes it adds a little spark.

    Good Luck to the both of you!


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    He doesn't mean anything personal when he watches it. Don't fear that he is loving his attraction to you if you do..that isn't the case. Men don't watch porn because the women or hot or because the characters have better sex.

    I often do you two...some men watch it because they feel the need to get off? Or they aren't pleased with how much action they are getting (no offense to you) and dont want to bother their wifes or ask them for it.

    I didn't mind my man watching porn..but i asked him if he wanted that we watched it together. I asked him why and he was just use to he use to get off. I asked him if he gets more pleasure that way and he said he doesn't..that he doesnt even know why he watches it! ..Just a man thing. I dunno. I asked him if he still found me attractive and he did.

    Now..he doesn't even like to watch it. Ask him how he rates his sex life...i rate mine a 10.

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  • yes,because it is not the real world and it will teach him how to be abusive to you and other women.what he doesn't realize is how insulting it is to you,and that a lot of the women that he is watching,are prisoners and that is the only life they know.some of the women were kidnapped at an early age and are considered property and are even branded and traded not blame yourself, because you do not even understand and he might think you should become like them.the difference between you and them,is that they are not committed to anyone.

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    unless he's watching it with you, absolutely you should be worried!!!!! too many marriages have ended because the husband was so into porn they would even ignore their wives for it!!!! i know it happened to a friend of mine. its a sick trap to fall into and unless he gets help it could be the end for you too. tell him you don't want him watching that stuff, it makes you feel bad that he needs that instead of you. tell him to go to a couselor to help him quit before its too late. hes your husband and he needs to understand how awful it makes a wife feel when they watch this junk. he should be watching you not them. tell him to please get help. GOOD LUCK!!!

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    To what extent is he into porn? Is he obsessed with it? Is he more into porn than he is into you? Can't answer your question without knowing more.

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    YES, u should b concerned! he is ur husband and he shouldnt b into porn! hope it works out! (:

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    yes definitely! not only is it a sin but it can become a HUGE obsession. marriages are broken because of that stuff. do your best to get him off of it. see a counselor. tell him you love him and that you want him off of it for the sake of your marriage. maybe see a sex therapist to make things better in the bedroom between you to.

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    Men like to look, they are visual. If he isnt getting enough visual stimulation at home he is going to look. That doesnt mean a thing other than its something to look at. This is fantasy and not reality.

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