Can you use a "sky miles" credit card for EVERY purchase in a years time and get a free vacation or airfare?

A friend told me that he knew someone who doesn't use ANY cash only a "sky miles" credit card to pay for ALL of his bills, food, clothes, etc, and at the end of the year he has enough sky miles to earn free airfare to Hawaii. It is possible for the average income person to do this providing he uses the right credit card?

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  • Brent
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    1 decade ago
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    Currently, Delta Skymiles does offer award travel to Hawaii from the continental USA for 35000 miles. Most of these credit cards give you 1 mile per dollar that you spend.

    There are a lot of special airline partner programs that offer bonus miles for dining and other purchases, so it is conceivable that you could accumulate 35000 miles from all of those programs.

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