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Is urinating a sin?

I know this is a stupid question, but IS urinating a sin? People have said it is.

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    It's the body's design for eliminating waste and toxins from the system.. how on earth could someone infer from ANYTHING that this is a sin?

  • God created the human body and all of its functions. Urinating is a natural body process. No it is not a sin. It is only a sin if you are defiling public property, like urinating on a building or something. Read the Bible so you won't be fooled ignorant people that lie.

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    I think this is an excellent question. Do angels in heaven urinate?

    Everyone seems to be OK that god is obsessed with sexual sins. Why wouldn't such a god also be very interested in our other bodily functions, just because they are a natural (biological) function? After all, sex is an extremely natural function as well. Some animals masturbate, and homosexual behavior in animals is often seen.

    I know some christians that believe adam did not have any biological waste until after he was banned from eden. According to them, he was god-like until he blew it. In this myth, we became like the animals in terms of biological functions only as a result of adam's error. Now these sins are only forgiven as a result of jesus' death.

    So perhaps urinating is a sin.

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    lol...nah, it is not a sin because it is a natural body function. I wonder if people who say it is say that farting in sinful. God forbid if someone defecates then...

    I guess peeing on SOMEONE though can be considered a sin. But still there can be instances where I think it won't be sinful because if a man and his wife in having normal sexual relations decide they want to try it, who are we to say it's wrong?

    I guess the best answer is this: Urinating as a body function is not sinful. However, in other cases, it simply depends...

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    That depends on how and when and why you urinate.

    Urinating is a body function, and, in itself, it is innocent like all body functions. But like many body functions it is possible to sin, that is, to cause harm or commit error, by urinating.

    For example, urinating in public is indecent exposure.

    Urinating on someone else's property is vandalism.

    Urinating on someone else (unless you're a baby or small child, or you agreed to "water sports" in sex play) is assault.

    Urinating on sacred items is sacriledge.

    Similarly, eating and drinking is not a sin.

    But eating someone else's food without permission is stealing.

    Eating excessive amounts of unhealthy foods is self harm.

    Drinking excessive alchohol is also self harm and possibly harmful to others.

    The sexual act is not a sin, but adultry, rape, and molestation are sins.

    Very few actions in themselves are sinful, but the time, manner, place, and intent that may make an act sinful.

  • Sheila
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    It rids your body of impurities, and since cleanliness is next to Godliness, urinating is not a sin. Now if you're doing something sicko with urine, that's a different story. But just taking a leak, no.

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    No, urinating is not a sin. It is a normal bodily function.

    I think these people may be confused by some of the verses in the Old Testament that use the words, "him that pisseth against the wall." What is being spoken of here is simply "men" as compared to women.

    A verse such as 1 Kings 16:11

    And it came to pass, when he began to reign, as soon as he sat on his throne, that he slew all the house of Baasha: he left him not one that pisseth against a wall, neither of his kinsfolks, nor of his friends.

    What is being said here is that Zimri, when he began his reign killed all of the males of the House of Baasha.

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    No, God created our bodies with the need to get rid of negative things. Urinating cannot be a sin, because if it were, God wouldn't have made bladders.

    The end.

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    What? Who are the people you are talking to? The people that have given you this information are totally incorrect! Urinating is a normal body function that rids the body of waste toxins.. A simple answer is No.

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    Urinating is a vital body function, so no urinating is not a sin.

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