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Ok I admit it I used to cut myself. But when I did I felt much this bad?

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    The question is do you cut yourself now? I also used to be a cutter and haven't done this for almost 8 years now. It is very hard to stop and change this behavior. I had a lot of psychological pain and I felt that if I cut I was punishing myself because I thought I was a bad person and this was the only way to make things better. Cutting was a release for me...and made me feel better. I can't explain why it made me feel better...but it was like a release of sorts. It is not bad that you cut are not a bad person because you cut yourself...but you do need to get some help. Please consult a mental health professional, such as a psychologist to get to the root cause of why you do this behavior. There are many books available on the topic that also might help you understand yourself more and why you cut as well. I'd be happy to chat with you about this...if you want. If you are interested email me at

    Some of the books you might like to look at are "Cutting", by Steven Levenkron; A Bright Red Scream (not sure who the author is; Reviving Ophelia by Mary Phiper, PhD and Ophelia Speaks (not sure on the author) Again, please get some professional help if you are still cutting. Often people are depressed or have another mental health issue that precipitates cutting and therapy can help you identify that and give you alternative methods for coping with problems besides cutting. Again, please email me if you have questions or want some additional support. I'd be happy to talk with you. Best of luck and don't listen to all the sicko answers people have left.

    Source(s): I was a cutter for 10+ years...very personal experience....have read many books on the subject...many listed here....Again good luck to you.
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    You said that you used to cut yourself so I'm glad to hear that you don't cut anymore.

    Cutting is never a good solution, although it may feel that way at the time. It makes some people feel better because it's such a release of tension and it stimulates certain pain-killing hormones in the body. But the "feeling better" part is short-lived because there is always such a feeling of guilt and shame that accompanies it.

    Because you used to cut doesn't make you a bad person, it was just an unhealthy way of coping; but now it sounds like you must've learned better ways to cope with stress. :)

  • George
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    you felt much better cause your thoughts were on the pain and not on the real problems that were at hand. You need to find another venue to vent what is on your mind. cutting just leaves scars and as you get older and able to handle more you will still have the scars.

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    This is not a healthy practice. Please find someone professional to talk to, confide in, and ask for help. Let your parents know, talk to a teacher or guidance counselor, contact the United Way help line. There are folks out there that can help you. This is a sign there are some deeper issues that you need to get some help to deal with. Good luck to you!

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    Hurting yourself like that is bad for you. Everyone has strange ways to get thier feelings out, or some try to stay busy and push them away. Eventually everyone realizes that they have to get it out somehow even if it takes you a while to figure out how. Stop cutting, if you still are, and try to find something that you can focus all of your energy on and that will help express yourself, and get all of your feelings, and stress, ect out in a healthy way. Best of luck.

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    It's only bad because, what you really needed was someone to talk to, maybe a professional who could help you sort out your feelings and see why you were feeling so bad to start with. Don't ever cut yourself again, it wont help anythiing and you'll have horrible scars you'll have to live with.

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    when you cut your self you lose blood and that sometime gets out things but that is not Good

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    Go see a doctor!! you probably either want attention or you have deppresion.Just go see a doctor before something seriously bad happens.

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    It is bad. I can't possibly believe that that makes you feel better.

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    i use to cut too and yes it is if you cut too deep it can kill you andits a sign of mental illness haha i have one too!

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