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Does anyone else think New Year's is a stupid and pointless holiday?

And mostly an excuse for certain people to get drunk.

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    No, it's celebrating a fresh start of your life and it's the holiday God wants us to appreciate,the drunk part is bad though,even my family doesn't drink on new year's,ok maybe rum and coke,but not me,I'm not devoted to soda or alcohol.

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    I have purposely stayed home for the past few years. I'd go to parties, but so many people feel they have to have a good time that they overdo and end up acting like idiots. I'd much rather get with a few close friends, have some drinks, and play board games or watch movies. However, that didn't work out this year, so I'm just as content to stay home and do my usual stuff. I don't really think the holiday is completely stupid and pointless––it does mark the beginning of a new year and a chance to have a new start. I also think it makes people reflect on what they could do to make the next year a better one. I know SOME people use it as an excuse to drink too much, but I know just as many people who plan special evening with family and friends to celebrate another year.

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    maybe yes

    maybe no


    tis ok

    just one more holiday that gives me an excuse to stay home sit on my @$$ and watch $hitty holiday shows

    on new years day there is going to be a marx brothers marathon on tcm im going to watch that in the afternoon

    im going to stay up all night so i will not get up in the morning so i will not have to interact with anyone because -i stayed up so late then slept in-

    maybe newyears is a stupid holiday

    but i would not be complaining about it

    due to the benefits

    many people like to party on new years

    and new years gives them an excuse to party

    or if you are like me you use it as an excuse to stay in,watch television,indulge on junkfood

    you say it is stupid

    but im sure you are getting something out of this

    an excuse for something

    either that or you were not invited to a new years party and are bitter about that

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    Generally speaking, yes. And if anything, the funniest thing about it is that that celebration right when New Year's happens is literally only like 1 or 2 minutes long and that's it, it's over just like that. The only thing that really happens is that the world gets older and everybody gets older. ll that party stuff and confetty and those things people blow in, all that for just one or two minutes tops. So yes, I think it is generally pointless.

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    It's just another day in the year really, people just use it to drink, act like idiots, and try to impress their friends, and make them think they're hard.

    An example of this would be last year I had a major seizure, and was sent to A&E with head trauma, 2 drunks who came in who had started a fight with each other were seen before me, I never asked to be epileptic, but they intentionally got drunk and started a fight with each other, I woulda' just stuck a mop up their rear-ends and got them to clean up the blood they was spilling.

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    The New Year was created by Christians only to coincide with Christmas. Most cultures' New year started in the spring, namely April 1st. Those who celebrated it on April 1st were considered "April Fools".

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    No, but maybe you have had a bad time. How impolite of the first person to answer that way. I suggest picking up a bottle of champagne yourself and enjoying the festivities. I would have liked some dry red wine.

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    Stupid absolutely...pointless no. Two words my friend. NO WORK. --but I agree with the bit about stupidity and drunks.

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    As one of those certain people...

    Thanks for the holiday.

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    I do not think that it is point less and not everyone gets drunk on this Holiday to celebrate! Drinking pepsi here......... :-)

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