Everybody, what are your feelings on Hispanics in general, and illegal immigration???


I am a black man trying to get an honest answer. Can someone please tell me how they feel about illegal immigration?!

Here's what I want to know:

How it affects us adversly?

How it helps us?

How much does it cost us yearly?

How many new immigrants do we recieve every year?

What dieseases come to our country via human transmission?

Let me say that i'm not biased on the situation, but i'd really like to see the crime rates go down in ethnic neighborhoods, the gang population severly decrease, see our environment a little cleaner (I always see dirty diapers in the parking lot left by an irresponsible Hispanic family, have you ever seen this too?), no offense but this is true. Tell me about what else you've seen heard or though about?

And lastly--why don't we do something in either direction, seal our borders or keep them open???

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    Well, I work in the restaurant business in Phoenix, and there is no way to survive without illegals... How many of us are greater than 3rd generation Americans? Show me one out of work dishwasher, and I will change my opinion. They are hard-working, industrious people. and as far as taxes go, they pay more. See we all pay taxes out of our paychecks, but they cant file for a refund at the end of the year...

    I am Pro Hispanic, and pro illegal immigration... The anti-immigration laws are just the new P.C. way to be a f*cking racist...

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    So are you saying that the problems in your neighborhood are caused ONLY by Hispanics? Here's what may happen when the illegal population decreases:

    1. the price of fruits and veggies will go up as no US citizens are rushing to fill the fruit picking jobs that have been taken from us.

    2. I think it will help in that people don't have to worry about speaking another language.

    3. Although it does cost hospitals to pay for illegals, social security will lose money because there are no more people using multiple numbers over and over without collecting retirement.

    4. I think we should worry more about what comes through airlines than what we get from crossing the border. Don't forget that there are lots of US citizens visiting Mexico every day.

    And lastly...

    5. Who do you think is going to build the wall??? Mexicans, of course.

    My father is from Mexico, and he became a citizen the right way, but trying to stop the illegal problem within a few months is like going into Iraq and expecting everything to be fine within a matter of months. There is absolutely no way this can happen.

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    Aha I have a solution!

    I work for an organization that provides H-2A and B services to our members. What that means is that I know the entire process in order to get guest workers here under a temporary visa. They come up here, work, and then go back home. I wish the paper work was that easy, but its not. Either way I submit an application to Department of Labor and then once I get their approval by trying to recruit domestic workers (which I don't cause nobody want to do orchard work) then I apply with Department of Homeland Security so that I can be issued a number of visas and meanwhile I got a recruiter down in Mexico and she gets me the workers and they get appointments at the Consulate. Once they get interviewed and cleared they come up here and do the work. LEGALLY. There are a lot of kinks in the system that make the timeline not wok efficiently but we're working with them and vice versa.

    Truth is that without immigrants this country would fall short. It would cost us in the end and we'd be S.O.L.

    As for the dirty diapers, I can go to the ghetto and there can be white people, black people, mexicans and every other race so it's not just them that are dirty. It takes all kinds to make the world go round.

    Happy New Year.

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    I live close to the border so this is a big topic here. illegal immigration is something that should be curved. The best way is to allow more people to come into the country legally. People are going to come into the country anyways. All the money spent trying to keep hard working people out could be used to building a strong economic here. Also, some of the people that come over are going to do some of the job you and I arent even going to touch.

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    I think overall, Hispanic people are great. However, the illegal ones adversely affect our society by committing crimes and draining social programs. They need to go home. They crowd emergency rooms, schools, freeways, etc., but rarely pay income taxes to make up for what they take out. I understand why they come here and all, but I don't think tax paying citizens should have to suffer to make up for another countries problems. think the money we spend on illegal immigrants would be better spent on keeping them out so they will force their native countries to get their acts together and make some positive changes. How can these countries the illegals run from become better if their citizens do not demand it and instead run from their problems?

    I think that politicans are so vote hungry that they don't want to upset anyone and risk losing votes by doing anything about the problem. Everyone feels so strongly one way or the other that no matter what politicians do, they will make someone mad.

  • Jack
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    1 decade ago

    Hispanics in general are like any other group. Illegal is illegal. I don't care what the race or origin. Illegal is still illegal. Mexicans take a bum rap for it, but there are plenty of Chinese as well as other races and nationalities who are here illegally. I recently read about a Nazi who finally got caught and deported. She almost died an illegal citizen of the United States.

    Why don't when do something? We cannot all agree. That is our biggest hindrance. As far as costs, that is hard to determine. It costs to look for them. It costs to prosecute them. It costs when they get hurt on the job. It costs to send them back. It costs to take care of them and feed them. It costs when they decide to break other laws. It's just a bad situation. There are exceptions. Some of them never break another law that doesn't involve the fraud to protect them. Some of them are quite productive and peaceful. In the end, they are still illegal. Would you want a murderer to go free just because he's been a "good citizen" for the past 25 or 30 years? He would still be tried and put in jail in spite of having an otherwise good record. Why would we treat illegal entry into the United States any differently?

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    I think illegals should be deported back to their own country and the expenses should be billed to that country. It makes it very hard for legals to get in. Also illegals should never be aloud to get residence. I want to know how do illegals get SS#'s and pay taxes? I have heard of this how is this possible? Also I think a country should have a quota of illegals then the that countries citizens should not be allowed into the USA period.

  • Rita
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    It affects me adversely because I resent going into my local Lowe's' and seeing everything in Spanish when America is an English-speaking country. I haven't seen anything about illegal immigration that helps anyone in the United States. I do know that I can't afford to go to the hospital, even with my insurance, because I have to pay for an ER full of Spanish-speaking illegal immigrates who work here, send their money back to Mexico, and expect me and you and every other working person to pay their medical bills, educate their kids, buy their groceries... I don't know about diseases, but I do know that we have had an outbreak of bedbugs in motels and lice in schools since the immigration problem increased. I don't understand why the illegal immigrants don't work harder in Mexico to make their homeland better instead of running to America and trying to turn us into Mexico. Now look what you did with that question...you got me started...

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    Hispanics are people who speak Spanish including Spain you Can be Mexican and not speak Spanish so that means that you are not Hispanic about hispanics in my opinion not all Hispanics are the same we are all diff rent it only some people that have to mess it up for all of us, but not all hispancis are like that they are just sterio types against other cultures some hispanics are responsible.

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    You once been in their shoe brother, now its time for you to open your heart WHY GOD ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN IN YOUR BACK YARD? Have we welcome them? no, is this what Jesus said, if you feed him or clothes him. Think that you are not alone in this world, you have to share what you have, and give your other shirt, love your neighbor as your self can YOU DO THAT! JESUS COMMANDED YOU TO DO THAT. Do not be scared for our lives here on earth is temporary. We all destine to heaven, we just stop over here see if we can be Holy, see if you can do what Jesus wants you to do, then you will know the truth.

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