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How do I get out of a stunlock as a rogue on WoW if i am dueling another rogue?

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    "Stunlock is basically keeping the opponent from doing any useful action for a long time (hopefully to death).

    1) Start the fight with cheap shot (your first part of the "stunlock")

    2) Melee or sinister strike

    3) Have enough energy to cast gouge right before cheap shot wears off (the second part of the "stunlock")

    4) Melee and regain energy

    5) Kidney shot (the third part of the "stunlock")

    6) Unload as much damage as you can


    you have now finished the basic stunlock

    you can continue stunlocking by blind/restealth -> cheapshot... rinse and repeat (pvp only) or vanishing -> cheapshot... rinse and repeat (pvp or pve)

    You want talents that increase the amount of combo points you gain (longer stuns) and talents that lengthen the time that the stunning moves last.

    For addons you want one that will show you graphically when the current stun is wearing off so you can be ready to apply the next one before the opponent can cast or do anything. Some wait until it wears off I recommend just prior to it wearing off.

    For talent-builds consider a hemo build if you want to really focus on stunlocking. I stunlock all the time with a different build but hemo is better at it.

    Practice and good luck."

    for more info check this forum

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