I have a 2 year old who is struggling with potty training, any help?

She gets it one day but then goes right back to pottying in her pullup for a while. I've tried showing her the ropes and showing her what type of panties she will get to wear if she does, but all this to no avail.

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    The best advice I've ever got on this subject came from my pediatrician.

    She said - "You can start when they're 2 or so, put them on the potty after meals, before naps, etc. By the time they are 3, they'll be potty-trained. Or you can introduce it around 3, and they'll be potty-trained."

    The main thing here is that it is a physical ability. Until those particular muscles develop (sphincter) they have little control.

    Relax. It'll happen. Good luck and enjoy your daughter :)

  • Jess H
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    First of all, I know it's tough, but get RID of the pull ups. They're just glorified diapers, and offer no incentive to use the potty. Take a weekend where you can just spend a couple of days working on the potty training, and then just have her go naked from the waist down. Put a training potty where it's easily accessible. Have some rug/floor cleaner handy, because there will be accidents. Then just watch her, and keep showing her the potty. She'll hate the feeling of pee running down her legs, so it'll be a good incentive to use the potty. Do this for the whole weekend. For added incentive, give her a few M&M's when she does it in the potty.

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    She may not be ready. Some people critisize if a child is not potty trained at 2, but it all depends on the child. I tried my son at 2 for about a week, no improvement, so I'd wait a couple of months, then try again. Finally, just before he turned 3, I got him potty trained. Don't put too much pressure, if it's not happening, wait & try later.

    Some tricks I tried (it's messy & u go through a lot of clothes, but it works) is I put him in pants w/ no underwear or diaper. When he would pee, it would make his pants wet & run down his leg. He didn't think being wet was too much fun, so that helped. Put plastic on your couch & take her to the bathroom every hour or two for her to try. Then when she does go in the potty, make it a big deal, let her put a sticker on a chart or give her a piece of candy like a gummy bear.

    Good Luck!

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    DEAR first do not get mad at her at all for number 1 use a coffee can the sound of it she will really giggle and laugh you know the really big ones use it. now for number 2 let sit on a potty that plays a song and not a real one try that and see what happens she just may not be ready for number 2 yet i have a 3 year old nephew he does number one in the the can but will not do number 2 ether good to use both we need it tape wax paper over the can so she does not get cut the fill of it tickles there bottom that is why they laugh

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    Place the potty out for her and make a cute chart with 7 squares (Sort of like a calender) and find smiley face stickers. Each time she goes--even if she barely makes it there, but she does make the effort, make a ritual of putting stickers on the chart so she can see her progress. Tell her once she's finished one line of the squares, she can have a special toy of her choice. (Find some inexpensive toys that she enjoys and allow her to choose one).

    Also, stop using the pull-ups. Go back to using the old terry cloth sort of underwear (yeah, I know it's inconvenient for parents who don't want to mess with washing and rinsing accidents) but they don't soak the mess and they do allow for the child to "feel" where the pull-up is nothing more than a glorified diaper. TOSS THEM OUT.

    Whatever you do, don't shame her for the 'accidents'. Just tell her it's time to have no more pull-ups. tell her she's a big girl and take her to buy big girl underwear. Make it something fun and she'll eventually make the transition.

    Also, ask her every so often if she has to go potty and take her to potty. If she does..she gets a sticker for her good job. Make it fun and it will take no time at all.

    Source(s): We used this for my nephew and it helped him progress from diaper to potty. However, I will have to tell you. The pullups are half the problem. Get rid of them. We had the hardest time when he wore them as he realized they were sort of 'grown up' diapers and that he could make an accident in them. When we put big boy pants on him, he was more aware of the times when he was going to go the the potty and he'd start to tell.
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    Perhaps she isn't ready for the potty yet. If you push the issue, she will have no interest. Just be patient and reward her for positive behavior. Tell her when she is ready to use the potty, you'll let her pick out panties. It worked for my daughter. She got to pick out "Dora panties," and was so excited to wear them, knowing she used the potty like a big girl.

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    It is a fact, according to medical professionals, that they will go when they are ready. However, my children were broke at early ages because I swallowed my pride and concentrated on my children. The kids would sit on the potty chair and when their duty was done, we would look at the job and clap our hands, he/she would get to flush to stool, and we would say, " by by potty" and clap some more. The more fun you put into it the easier it will be. Take the diapers away and pull-ups; they should only be used at bedtime. She/he will be so impressed to know that she/he is a big boy/girl wearing mommy or daddy pants. If you get upset, the child will develop problems and will take longer to train. Make it fun.

  • Catie
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    Try putting on those panties with a plastic cover so she can feel them wet it is different feeling and she will not like it and make sure to overly praise her when she goes potty. Try letting her pick ou t panties as well. She might want to wear them more that way

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    Sounds to me like she's not ready yet. Some children don't get the potty training down until they are like 4 or 5. Just be patient with her and work with her but don't get mad because it's not her fault. Her body isn't mature enough to catch on yet. I've seen this with my niece when she was 2 and how she struggled. She kept peeing in her pants until she was about 4 and my brother and sister in law had pushed her to quick. I might not have kids of my own but I've seen this with experience and I've seen how my other sister in law (my husband's sister) was pushing her oldest girl. I don't think you should push her just let her alone and she'll catch on when she's ready. Just have patience.

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    Don't push too hard or it will backfire. My son did this at 14 months and I thought I was lucky and we would be done early Haha right. He did not potty train till 2 1/2. Wait till she is ready or you could make it a fear or something she just dosen't want to do! Good Luck

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