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Photoshop Experts: Puh leese HELP!?

When you're working with photoshop, how do you color only one object and have the rest being black and white? Ex --> 'I took a picture of myself and I want to make everything black and white but my shirt which is Pink. The only color I should see is Pink' <-- Puh leese HELP!!



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    As simple as this :

    1. Select your shirt using any selecting tool u are familiar with.

    2. Press Ctrl+Shift+i

    3. Press Ctrl + Shift + u

    And you're done ;)


    To get a better result :

    after selecting ur shirt u may right click and look for the command "feather" .. set the value to 2 or 3 and hit enter then continue with step 2 then 3.

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    I'm assuming you're starting with a color photo. Use the lasso, magnetic lasso, or magic wand to select only the shirt. Slightly feather the selection. Do Select/Inverse, then use the Saturation tool to reduce the color to 0.

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    open picture make a copy by dragging back ground down to the square next to the bin icon

    get the lasso tool and you have to go around the shirt till you get back to where you started

    then go to the layer palette at the bottom in that there is a circle with black and white halves in it, click on it and a menu will pop up

    select hue and saturation click in the colerize box so the tick shows and then you can move the sliders to what colour you like,

    move them until you are happy with what you like

    need more help just email and will repy that is up to you

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    Hold on i'll explain in a minute.

    First, use magnetic lassoe to select pink shirt, or whatever you prefer to select your shirt.

    Goto layer, new fill layer, solid color.

    Change mode to Color hit ok

    choose shade of pink.

    hit ok.


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