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Boston terrier afraid of fireworks. Can i give him benadryl?

He is 29 lbs., 8 years old and an absolute basket case with all the New Year's fireworks...can i safely give him benadryl to calm his nerves?

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    absolutely not!

    human medication can bring harm to a bog!

    stay close to your dog to make it feel safe

    but dont use benedryl!

  • T J
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    1 decade ago

    No - benadryl, aside from being a human med, is designed for an adult some four times the weight of your dog. Not only that, but dogs can metabolize medications differently than people.

    Just put on some music and maybe take a benadryl yourself.

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    My vet told me to use benadryl for my dog. She is also very afraid of fireworks. I suggest to take your dog into a room with you and turn on a tv to drown out some of the firework noise. Cuddle him, feed him a treat or 2, and he should be fine.

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    Nooo. It's not made for dogs, therefore - doesn't get given to dogs. Close your doors and windows.

    Don't keep telling him "Good boy, it's ok." You're telling him that fireworks are something to be afraid of. Just ignore them and his behaviour. If it's not bothering the pack leader then it shouldn't bother him.

    Soon enough after a few encounters with the fireworks he'll be okay.

    Source(s): My dog was afraid of fireworks.
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    There are some prescription drugs for animals IE Acepromazine to keep them calm and sedated during stressful moments like fireoworks. Benadryl is completely different. They do use it on dogs but different dosages and it's used to allergic reactions. Go to your local pet store they have things to help your dog calm down during stressful situations, I haven't tried them yet, so I don't know if they fully work. But I have seen pet owners get prescription for acepromazine for their animals during july 4th or new yrs.

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    I wouldn't, but I have a friend who medicates her small dog as if it were a child, according to weight. So far she has had good results. I would think that the age of the dog should be taken into consideration along with the weight.

    When my little friend is upset as yours is, I talk and pet him. it seems to settle his anxiety enough.

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    I wouldn't do that. Just comfort him and reassure him that you'll keep him safe. Some dogs are terrified of loud noises so his reaction is not unusual. Even some hunting dogs are frightened by the sound of a gun.

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    NO!!! You should never give dogs human medicine. Maybe put him/her somewhere where they can not see or hear the fireworks.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    NO dont give he anything. Just put him in a room that he cant hurt himself, put on a raido, turn off the lights and close the door!

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