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Figure 8 Puffer fish has a curled tail?

I turned the lights off for about an hour, and one of my puffer fish (I have two) sank to the bottom and has its tail curled. But when I poked it with my hand, it jumped up and swam around.

Is this a bad sign? Thanks.


The Figure 8 is a fresh water fish, for your information.

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    Puffers will curl up into a little ball and go to sleep when the lights are turned off. It is very cute to watch. Please do not poke your fish when it is doing that, it is scary to the fish, and will do more harm than good especially if the fish is sick.

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    Yes it is. Puffers are brackish water fish do you have enough salt in the water? Check your PH and if the tank is acidic add some baking soda(sodium bicarbonate lows the PH). After thirty minutes do a water change not all but about a third of the tank . test again and watch your fish there is a good chance that he might die.

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    i basically have been given a parent 8 and he's quite cool yet they stay to tell the story the longest in low brackish with a gravity of a few million.0.5. salt water is a million.022 which sounds like a small difference yet its very almost 5 cases much less salty. in brackish circumstances parent 8s have lived to be 18 years. in marine it cant stay. in case you communicate approximately getting a parent 8 it may probably be offered in freshwater and be switched over to low brackish. i'm pondering getting a bumble bee goby and you will desire to too. you may want some 15 gallon tank for a f8 with 2-3 bumble bees yet i'm getting away with a 10 gallon. additionally you will desire to look into the golf green observed puffer which will start up in freshwater yet bypass to low brackish, brackish, and then finished marine, yet those cant be saved with lots from what ive considered.

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