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what has John Byrne been working for the past five years or so?

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    He has been working on various projects in the last five years.



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    Oh, a fellow Byrne victim! :-)

    Mr. Byrne has been working on a couple of projects for DC Comics after his run on X-MEN: HIDDEN YEARS ended with #22 (2002). They are the following:

    Blood of the Demon 1 to 15 (2005-2006)

    Doom Patrol 1 to 18 (2004-2006)

    Hawkman 26 (2004)

    JLA 94 to 99 (2004) "Tenth Circle" arc with Chris Claremont

    Just Imagine Stan Lee's Robin (2002)

    Lab Rats 1 to 8 (2002)

    Orion 13 and 14 (2001)

    Superman & Batman: Generations vol 3 1 to 12 (2003)

    Superman: True Brit One-Shot Special (2005)

    ...and there were the occasional covers, pin-ups and interviews (too many to mention). And oh, check out his web comic which he drew in 2001 but "published" in 2004 ("You Go, Ghoul!").

    I hope this detail helps. I have a few of these as I stopped collecting comics back in 2005.

    2 Jan 2007; 12:10pm, Philippines

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    I think he's been working on some of his own stuff, but here's a website. I'm guessing you meant the comicbook artist.

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