what web site can u go to see saddams barial or hang video?

other than yahoo video or google video

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    I'm having trouble posting this link!

    if the whole thing didn't show its at



  • This is the best video I have found. I have looked everywhere and alot of the posts are bogus. Here is a clean fast loading unedited, un-cut video of Saddam Hussein getting hanged! Shows them putting the rope around his neck and him dropping and eventually shows him hanging from the rope. Pass it on!


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    Other than Yahoo or Google, try YouTube.com or MetaCafe.com.

  • I think you meant burial. It's 2007, move on!

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  • cnn.com has a VERY graphic video of his death

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    time to welcome 2007 get a bottle of dom and wish yourself a happy newyear

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