This guy at work is nice to me and i like's tearing me apart what can i do?

He makes an effort to speak to me,asks me questions about my life and things i've told him about.He is a gentlemen to me and i see him looking at me sometimes but i'm not sure if he likes me.He has asked me to go out with him before and we're not really even friends.He used to wave at me and says hello just about everyday.What am i going to do.if he doesn't like me?i just want him so bad!sometimes i get the feeling that he feels the same and then other times i don't think he does.

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    I would never suggest dating anyone from work. It gets very complicated and uneasy to see him every day if it doesn't work out.

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    I dont really see what the problem is, hello accept an invatation to go out how else is this sapposed to get off the road, just do it, life is short that way you wont have to wonder any more and what else are you doing oh I know wondering about it instead of doing it that sounds like fun wouldnt it be better to get it over with and see if theres anything there worth thinking about, I know its easier said than done and its different when your actually there at work than it is for me to read your question but actually its not that hard everything is there, maybe he's slacked off alittle bit because you never responded and he doesnt want to waste his time anymore and if you wait to long he might fill the space with someone or something else, I look back at a situation like that this one guy became a police officer and would have been the best thing I could of ever done with my life looking at what did happen now and after awhile he moved on and was at one time very interested and all I know is some other girl was smart enough to move quickly and did and now she has it all and i'm here remembering it by reading your question, so you make up your mind, good luck Kim

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    Yes, it is enticing but think about how awkward it will be if u find out he sucks and u still have 2 work with him.If u can't help yourself then be ready for the consequence if it doesn't workout. See if other people from work want to get together then make it out to be a hang out atmosphere. A one on one can end up wrong. Think about it,,u have 2 see him everyday and if it doesn't workout then you end up hating work.

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    why didnt u go out with him when he asked? if he wasnt interested why would he ask a girl that isnt a close friend out? sounds like hes into you. start putting in a little more flirt into the daily chats. that should heat it up hopefully good luck

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  • 1 decade ago

    He likes you. He might just even have the same feeling as yours. Make a move, if you can't tell him directly that you like him, come up with stray, flattering words like "you're really cute"... you'll feel it from there.

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    1 decade ago

    Um, ask him out to lunch. Tell him it's an undate.

    Go from there. If it works out, have a few more undates. Then see if you want to formally declare one a date.

    Good deal with undates: No sex. :P


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    sry that i dont have an answer for u but almost the exact same thing happend to me.

    good luck

  • Joho
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    1 decade ago

    u have to make a move ask him to do something with u. good luck and have a happy new year.

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    I agree with Joy

  • 1 decade ago

    You want him, and he asked you out? You said? Not yes? I'm confused.

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