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I was told that I need to have 1 anti-spyware real-time resident protection. What is that? Which program does?

How do I tell if my anti-spyware has that capability?

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    Real-time means that it give you spyware protection BEFORE you get infected, instead of just scanning and removing AFTER the infection.

    Windows Defender and Spyware Terminator are 2 free popgrams that have resident real-time.

    SpySweeper as well as the paid versions of Ewido, AdAware, SuperAntispyware and A-Squared have it too.

    It short, resident or real-time prevents not just cures.

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    Most (not all) paid versions of anti-spyware have real time protection. Most free versions don't have real time protection to encourage you to buy the software.

    Look at the website for the software to see if it has real time protection or look at the program's options and look for anything about real time protection.

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    I turned on Windows XP SP2 built in firewall and I use Microsoft's antispyware software which is free. I have had zero spyware for over a year. Do not use Mcafee or Norton. It uses up to much resources and slows your computer down

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    most virus are spread through IE. IE is not a safe browser. you should use a more secure browser to protect your PC from virus.

    i recommand you to use firefox with Google toolbar. firefox can block any any popup and disable any virus and adware, spyware on webpage, so, firefox is much safer than IE browser. as you know, most of virus spread throught internet and webpage.

    besides, firefox is much smaller than IE, so it run faster than IE.

    download firefox for free, Just have a try:

    Good Luck, Merry Xmas !!!

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