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What was the airport security like before 9/11?

please describe the process,security

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    security was pretty much the same, except for the tighter checks and the removing of shoes for scanning by security, but of course they didnt racially profile each and every passenger and do background checks on each person per flight.

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    Security was very ease to get by. I never had to take off my shoes or go through the extra security checks and I never had security look at me like I was a terrorist. Now, it takes me twice as long to get through security.

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    Bad security.

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    Your family could pick you up right at the gate without having to go through security and without a boarding pass. You did not have to get to the terminal very early. It was all very lax and we took advantage of how convenient it was.

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  • Dotr
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    Oh they had security but u didn't take off your shoes belt all that. you basically were scanned 1-2 x. your family & friends went to terminals w/you too.

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