i need a mig welder?

looking to spend around 400-600 price range. What would be the best brand. and what voltage, options should i look for. i'm doing some body work on my GTO.

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    Lincoln makes a good welder in that price range. I have a century at home & it's not so great. You should have a 70% argon 30% CO2 mix for gas. A 100 - 125 amp will do the job nicely and will use 110v house current.

    Make your welds in small spots allowing time for the weld area to cool to avoid warpage, and get a can of "weld through primer" for the seams to help prevent rust in the weld area.

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    A 150amp MIG is all you should need, it will weld most steel you will be using, 150amp usualy only require a standard 10amp power outlet.

    If you want to weld aluminium you will have to move up to a minimum of about 170amp and a 15amp power outlet. Things only go up, (Way Up) from there.

    There is a wide variety of MIG welders available around at 150amp range. It is always best to stick to a good name brand,

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    i got a lincoln welder i think it will weld up to 1/4 inch works great for body work buy a gas kit for an extra 60 bucks

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    not many people weld body parts any more, they glue them. there are kinds of epoxy now that bodyshops use on cars. its a lot less trouble than welding. you should look into it before you buy a mig, because after you buy it you will have to learn to use it. you will probably burn lots of holes untill you get it down pat. DONT LEARN on your car !!! you will do more damage to it than it already has. I learned the hard way

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  • 1 decade ago

    a little 110 lincoln,100-125 amp max

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