Couples (2 of you) When you budget $100 a week on food, What sort of groceries do you buy ?

Hopefully "Top Ramen" isn't on the menu.

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    For $100 a week, you can buy:

    one gallon of milk on sale

    one loaf of whole grain bread

    one jar of REAL peanut butter

    14 bananas

    box of Kashi whole grain cereal

    one whole chicken

    large bag of potatoes

    large bag of carrots

    two bags of ready-salad

    Newman's Italian dressing

    cucumber and radishes for salad

    two premium pork chops

    one pound of hamburger

    two whole wheat hamburger buns

    two cans of frozen orange juice

    one pound of monterey jack cheese

    one pound of butter

    two cans of Healthy Choice soup

    ingredients for tacos - tortillas, black beans, grated cheddar, small onion, small tomato and salsa

    one bottle of red wine $10

    wild rice

    whole turkey breast, white meat only


    From this list you can make a nice variety of dinners, one being soup and grilled cheese with WINE to make it special. You will have milk and cereal for breakfast, a peanut butter sandwich for lunch with a banana.

    It's easiest to plan meals on a budget if you eat basically the same thing for breakfast and lunch most days.

    You are getting fruit, vegetables, protein, dairy, carbs, the right amount of fat, and cutting out refined sugar. Refined sugar is linked to overeating, because sugar makes your blood sugar RISE quickly and then CRASH, causing you to need more.

    When you get tired of bananas, switch to apples. The turkey breast that you roast should last for two meals (at least).

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    The less prepared foods you buy, the farther your money will go. Therefore, the more work you can do with basic, fresh food, the farther you can go with your budget.

    Shop using the weekend and Wednesday shopping ads - buy what's on sale and do a lot of coupon shopping. Super coupon cutters are able to get 50 or 100% more for their money using coupons on a week in/week out basis.

    When shopping, the produce section is a good place to start. Buy what is in season from your local area - don't get fresh asparagus from Chile in the winter. Dried foods such as beans, split pea soups, rice, barley and other dried grains are also inexpensive. Canned foods are also good, especially when they are on a big sale.

    Places to avoid are the frozen foods section, cookies, snack foods, alcohol and soft drinks.

    Finally, get your meats on sale: canned tuna can be cheap on sale, and whole chickens can make 3 or 4 meals really inexpensively if you buy them on sale (99 cents/lb) and roast them (2 meals) and make a half-gallon of soup stock from the bones and other parts you have carved the meat.

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    1 decade ago

    actually, that's a pretty generous food budget - $400 a month for only two people. I spend $800 a month on four people. Those four all eat like adults- three of them are!

    What do I buy? Milk, eggs, cheese, pasta, meats - not the most expensive, but not the cheapest either, fresh fruits and veggies as desired, brand name soups, crackers, sometimes cookies, ckae mixes, flour, sugar, salt, shortening, spices, sauces, canned veggies and fruit, brand name bread, ice cream, chips, soda, making of several meals each time, usually with leftovers for lunches. Special foods, like Kaukana cheese, knockwurst, hot chocolate, chocolate milk mix, things like that.

    If you want more details, just ask.

    And no, I rarely buy ramen, but it is a preferred food when people here are sick. Goes down easy.

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    5 years ago

    Try buying foods that are filling, can be used in more then one way, are cheap, and replace other foods. Example: Dry beans. High in protien, cheap, filling, and easy to use as leftovers. Rice. Cheap, can be used in place of potatoes, can be added to ground meats to stretch them further. Can be eaten as a hot ceral (add a dab of butter and sugar). Canned meats such as tuna fish. Cheap, can be used in different ways. You can take a can of tuna, a can of cream of mushroom soup, and some cooked noodles, mix all together, heat and serve. A pot of chili. Can last for 3 meals (depending on how much you make). Use leftover dried beans that have been cooked. One night you have chili, another night you have chili dogs, and then there are chili burgers, chili noodles. Hopefully you understand the idea I am trying to give you. I hope this helps you.

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    1 decade ago

    My family budgets about $400/month for a family of 3.

    The boy gets pretty much whatever he wants.

    The wife and I always eat dinners with veg, meat and carb. The meats are fish, chicken, ribs, meatloafs and jambalya (a favorite).

    We also do a lot of ethnic foods, mostly Asian, since my wife is Asian.

    (For New Year's, we had a 10-lb prime rib, a roasted chicken, meatballs for the boy, and we invited over some family and pigged out. I also think we went a little over our budget. Speaking of which, I'm hungry for left-overs.)

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    Hrms, have you tried the local farmers market or a local discount grocery store. Do some shopping comparison in your town. I buy my meat and vegetables at a local small-business grocery store (because it’s much cheaper then the big chain stores), but I buy dairy products at the big chain store because they sell them cheaper because they can afford to offer them at those prices. Try avoiding to purchases boxed food and junk food before purchasing your basic needs, as these products often add up quick. Also try using coupons and look in the local newspaper or the store paper or their websites for any sales they’re having.

    Best wishes!

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    My husaband and I shop together every week. We try to keep our groceries below 100. We usually by meats that can be use for 2 meals, like roast beef, it can be used for roast dinner, stir fry,and beef soup, so get some cans or frozen mixed veggie, make gravey when you have the roast, We buy potatoes and usually mash themto have with the roast, then we fried the left overs in the not stick spray so it browns down. We buy fruit and veggies to snack on. We get chicken so we can roast that and have with the mashed potatoes and then have stir fry chicken. Don"t forget to get the frozen stir fry veggies with the terrikia sauce in it. We also have pork chops and fix them with plain boiled potatoes and fried the potatoes down so we can have them with hot dogs or hamburg. I never buy precooked foods, they are more expensive and taste and smell funny. We usually take a list and try not to get too much that is not on the list. Your mashed potatoes can be warmed up with Ranch Dressing mixed in them or garlic or onion. I try to be thrifty.

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    1 decade ago

    i could do A LOT with $100 a week for two people...hell i normally do well with about $200 for a family of six for the whole month...

    pay attention to whats on sale at the junkfood ONLY after you have covered the basics (meat, bread, eggs, potatoes, veggies, rice, etc.)

    Source(s): i know how to shop! =)
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    The less meat you buy, the further your budget will go. Beans and rice is a good cheap, healthy filling thing to eat, pasta and sauce, canned soups, eggs, peanut butter, etc.

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    Well we have 300 a month for food and we ussually get a few stakes, some milk, coffee, soy sauce, boxed foods such as stuffing, rice, or past dishes, onions, hamburger, stewed tomatoes, seasonings, spaghetti noodles, cheese, butter bread, frozen veggies, icecream, soda, tortillas, potatoes.

    I have a vivid emagination for food as both my husband and I have our chefs license.

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