what was the first movie in color?

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    No one knows what movie was the first colour film. The site below examines early colour film.

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    One of the first 'color' films was Thomas Edison's hand-tinted short Annabell's Butterfly Dance. Two-color (red and green) feature films were the first color films produced, including the first two-color feature film The Toll of the Sea, and then better-known films such as Stage Struck (1925) and The Black Pirate (1926). It would take the development of a new three-color camera, in 1932, to usher in true full-color Technicolor.

    The first film (a short) in three-color Technicolor was Walt Disney's animated talkie Flowers and Trees (1932) in the Silly Symphony series. [However, others claim that the first-ever color cartoon was Ted Eschbaugh's bizarre Goofy Goat Antics (1931).] In the next year, Disney also released the colorful animation - The Three Little Pigs (1933). In 1934, the first full-color, live-action short was released - La Cucaracha (1934).

    Source(s): filmsite.org
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    Gone With The Wind. Once a tightly kept WW I secret for the British government by Eastman Photo Labs (later partnered with Kodak...and later linked to Linda Eastman McCartney (now deceased), Paul's wife).

    Gone With The Wind was back then the major film project that Star Wars was in 1977: Wind was the first to use color film, the first project using massive film building sets and thousands of film extras.....all once thought impossible to make happen in those days.

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    La Cucaracha (1934).

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